KoalaWriter Review: Amazing AI Writer that Does Live Scraping

By David Mills •  Updated: 05/08/23 •  5 min read

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Introduction to KoalaWriter

In this article, we’ll be exploring KoalaWriter, an AI writing tool that promises to save time and effort by doing the research and live scraping for you. We will be testing it out with a semi-difficult keyword, “top 10 best toaster ovens,” to see how well it performs in terms of providing factual information and relevant background details. While KoalaWriter is not the only AI writing tool available, we’ll be comparing its pricing and features to other popular tools in the industry, such as Jasper and OpenAI Playground.

Key Takeaways

  • KoalaWriter is an AI writing tool that promises to save time and effort by doing the research and live scraping for you.
  • We tested KoalaWriter with the keyword “top 10 best toaster ovens” and compared its pricing and features to other popular tools in the industry.
  • While KoalaWriter performed well in terms of providing factual information and relevant background details, its pricing and features may not be suitable for everyone.

Overview of KoalaWriter

As someone who writes a lot of content, I’m always looking for ways to make my job easier. That’s why I was excited to try out KoalaWriter, an AI writing tool that promises to save me time and effort. In this section, I’ll give you an overview of KoalaWriter, including its features and pricing.

Features of KoalaWriter

KoalaWriter offers a number of features that make it stand out from other AI writing tools. One of the most impressive is its ability to do live scraping of results and gather factual information. This is especially useful for more difficult topics that require research. KoalaWriter also has a chat engine called Koala Chat, which is similar to Chat GBT. Additionally, the tool offers a quick access feature for easy use.

Pricing of KoalaWriter

KoalaWriter’s pricing is reasonable for the features it offers. The tool has different pricing plans, with the lowest starting at just $9 per month. The most expensive plan is $179 per month for 500,000 words. While some may find the pricing too high, it’s important to note that KoalaWriter does a lot of work for you, including live scraping and gathering information. When compared to other AI writing tools, KoalaWriter’s pricing is still competitive.

Overall, KoalaWriter is a powerful AI writing tool that offers a lot of features for a reasonable price. If you’re looking to save time and effort when writing content, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Testing KoalaWriter

As an AI writer, KoalaWriter promises to save its users time and effort by doing all the live scraping and research for them. In this section, we will be testing out KoalaWriter with a few paragraphs to see how it performs.

Choosing a Keyword

To test KoalaWriter, we chose the keyword “best toaster ovens” and used the manual option to input a list of topically relevant keywords. We also selected the Amazon product roundup option to ensure that the resulting content would be a product review.

Selecting the Type of Content

We selected the blog post option in KoalaWriter to test its ability to provide informative and engaging content. We also enabled the first-hand experience option to give the article a more personal touch.

Using the Outline Editor

KoalaWriter offers an outline editor that can automatically generate a robust outline based on the selected keywords. However, we found that for product reviews, it was better to use the Amazon product roundup option and manually select the products to review.

Overall, KoalaWriter performed well in our testing and produced informative and engaging content. While the pricing may be higher compared to other AI writing tools, it offers unique features such as live scraping and research that can save users time and effort.

Results of KoalaWriter Test

I recently tested KoalaWriter on the topic of “best toaster ovens” using the Amazon Product Roundup feature. I inputted the target keyword “best toaster ovens” and selected five products to be included in the article. I enabled the first-hand experience feature and skipped the Amazon search URL.

KoalaWriter generated an outline for the article, which included sections on countertop toaster ovens, convection ovens, multi-function ovens, toaster ovens with air fryer, and four-slice ovens. However, I found that the outline was not suited for a top 10 product roundup article.

Therefore, I went back and selected the Amazon Product Roundup feature and inputted the target keyword and five products. This time, KoalaWriter generated a well-structured article that provided informative and factual content on each of the selected products. The article was written in a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral tone of voice, which made it easy to read and understand.

Overall, I found that KoalaWriter is a great AI writer that can generate high-quality content for difficult topics that require research. The pricing is also reasonable compared to other AI writing tools, especially considering the live scraping feature that saves time and effort.


In conclusion, Koala Writer seems to be a promising AI writing tool that can save users a significant amount of time when it comes to researching and writing articles on difficult topics. While there are other tools available at a lower price point, Koala Writer’s ability to perform live scraping and provide topically relevant keywords sets it apart from the competition.

The pricing may be higher than some other tools, but it is still reasonable compared to industry leaders like Jasper. Overall, if you’re looking for an AI writing tool that can do the heavy lifting for you, Koala Writer is definitely worth considering.

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