Below you will find my list of top recommended tools that I have tested thoroughly and use daily in my business. This list is updated and current, so if a tool changes and is no longer a go-to tool used in my business, it won’t be on this list. There are a lot of tools that are amazing and that are not on my list. This is “my” list of best tools. Enjoy. (These are affiliate links and help support LearnWire, I appreciate you.)

AI Content Writers

Agility Writer is really fun to use. The UI/UX is super simple. With help icons at every step, ability to do factual updated roundup posts, high quality, extremely well-formatted content that looks like it took a human hours to write. You can also publish to your WordPress directly inside Agility. This writer is developed by and SEO that knows what he is doing and what is essential. He adds new features weekly. His latest feature is automatically adding external links inside each piece of content. A fantastic software.
An SEO expert and successful blogger developed Koala with multiple blogs. Koala follows the process that Koala creator follows to create successful blog posts and roundup posts and rank them on Google. This writer makes it easy to connect to your WordPress CRM and create massive amounts of content quickly that are well researched, live scraped, and factual base content.
This is a unique AI writer tool developed by solopreneur Matt Zimmerman. Matt is a mad scientist that is very passionate about his software. It installs on PC’s only but Mac is coming soon. This hooks directly into your Openai account so you can create loads of high-quality content for pennies per article. A true gem in the AI content creation space!

Keyword and Niche Research

My Favorite SEO Tool for Beginners – RankIQ

I have many subscriptions and tools for SEO, keyword research, niche finding and so forth. If you are a beginner and need a tool that will move the needle for you and does keyword research, niche research, content optimization, and analytics, RankIQ is my #1 recommendation. You can get started for just $49. Its a no-brainer.

Get RankIQ here!

Below are my other favorite tools, yes I have all these tools. I pay monthly for SERanking. Instakeywords and Niche Finder are LTD One Time Offers.

I have used most of the professional level SEO and keyword research tools. You pretty much cannot beat Ahrefs or Semrush as they are rightfully the industry leading tools. However, SE Ranking packs a massive punch with billions of keywords in their database and it is the closes tool that I have seen that gives Ahrefs and Semrush a run for their money. Also you will love that it is half the cost of these other tools, starting at just $49 per month.
This is a small keyword tool that packs a huge punch. The data it provides matches Google Keyword Planner so you know it is a great tool. It also does live Google Auto Suggest keyword research so you are getting the latest, most relevant keywords for your seed keyword. The best part is that this is currently an LTD so you only have to pay $67 or $97 (depending on the sale) one time!
This is a really fun tool to use to do niche research to find out what niche you want to go into. You can quickly find 100’s of niches you never thought of and see sites that are new that are killing it. Then you can model your sites off of these successful sites by reverse engineering them. This tool was developed by a very successful SEO and blogger, Mike Futia from Stupid Simple SEO

Content Optimization

If you are looking for a Surfer SEO or Frase alternative, then Neuronwriter is your best choice. It has a ton of SEO features built in. At the moment it is offered as an LTD on Appsumo so go get your copy now!

Website Hosting & WordPress Themes

I have used them all. Hostgator, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, the list goes on. I finally got tired of the cheap shared hosting and my sites being down all the time and the web space always full. I have been with Siteground for 3 years and have never looked back. It is a little more expensive but worth every penny. I have never installed sites and gotten my SSL certificates up and running within 5 minutes on any other hosting. I confidently and absolutely recommend this hosting company.
This theme was developed by popular bloggers Carl Broadbent and Alex Cooper from WP Eagle. This theme is lightning-fast and build for affiliate and content sites. Once you get to know how to adjust the theme, it can be your go to theme. You can install it on unlimited sites and it is for a one time fee at the moment!



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