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By David Mills •  Updated: 12/08/22 •  7 min read

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Are you looking for an AI copywriting tool that can help you create high-quality content quickly and easily? If so, then Hypotenuse AI might be the perfect solution for you. In this review, we’ll take a look at what makes Hypotenuse AI stand out from the competition and why it’s worth considering.


Hypotenuse AI is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make it easy for users to come up with unique and interesting content. It has a powerful AI engine that can produce high-quality content in the form of blog articles, ad copies, and more. It also offers features such as text optimization, grammar correction, keyword research, and more.

Hypotenuse Review


One of the best things about Hypotenuse AI is that it can quickly and easily create content that sounds natural. With its powerful AI engine, it can produce high-quality content in no time at all. Additionally, it offers features such as text optimization, grammar correction, keyword research, and more, which make it easier to create engaging content without having to spend hours researching and writing.


The quality of the content generated by Hypotenuse AI is quite impressive. Its powerful AI engine produces unique and engaging content that sounds natural and reads well. Also, its text optimization feature makes sure that your content is optimized for search engines so that it ranks higher on search results pages (SERPs).


Hypotenuse AI is incredibly fast when it comes to generating content. Its powerful AI engine can produce high-quality content in no time, which makes it ideal for those who need to create a lot of content quickly. Also, its text optimization feature makes sure that your content is optimized for search engines so that it can rank higher in SERPs faster than ever before.


Hypotenuse AI has great customer service, including helpful tutorials on how to use the software and live chat support if you have any questions or need help fixing problems with the software. Additionally, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their product or service.


Hypotenuse AI offers several different pricing plans depending on your needs, ranging from $24/month up to $49/month for their most comprehensive plan, which includes access to all features plus priority support and additional discounts on larger orders. They also offer custom plans for larger businesses or organizations that require more advanced features or services than what’s offered in their standard plans.

Welcome to Learn Wire! This is not software that you’re going to find lifetime deals on AppSumo or anything like that; this is a real company making AI content. So long story short, this is Hypotenuse AI, and this is my Hypotenuse AI review. Some other AIs, like copy AI, have already done that, but they’re not really focusing. But if you’re looking for that software that is really going to go and take your content to the next level, I think that Hypotenuse AI is onto something.

Hypotenuse Review

 Jasper: I don’t know where they’re getting their content. They’re probably using Da Vinci or something like that—some high-quality AI engine—but they also have to have their own way to draw from it as well. Jasper: This is very competitively priced, and I believe that it’s priced well because the content is so good. That’s going to be about 2020 articles a month. But if you just want to dabble and try it out for a little while, you can get the less expensive version for $9.99.

CBA has about 20 landing pages, Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn posts, Instagram captions, summarized content, rewritten content, email copy, and so forth. They do have the Maita titles and descriptions. That’s good. But the main thing you’re going to want to use is the blog post, which you can see right here. I’ve been using the software just for blog posts. As of December 7th, 2022, hypo-news content is ranking for keywords that get search volume right here.

It is also ranked for articles 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The only other ones that have really done this well are copy AI and scale NU, and those are my top AI writers. You can describe your audience and get the more technical, really good stuff out of the AI. Right here, we’re going to let the AI generate titles for us. How much money do you make running a home daycare?

That’s a good one because it’s fair and we’re answering the question. You can maximize your profits by running a daycare right there. In-home daycares make an average of $32,000 a year, and home daycares generate a good amount of revenue. Our AI detective will research factual talking points for this section. And then it’s going to go over here, and look, it literally has sources right here.

I’d like to demonstrate it to you. If we didn’t push this right here and you pushed next, the software would still be going out and doing this. So that’s why I usually just push “next,” because once you use the software enough, you’ll start trusting that the software pushing “next” is going to produce really good content. When it has to do with actual money and factual information on Google, that’s where AI struggles. So I’m intentionally picking these harder topics now because I think that’s what you guys really, really want.

Hypotenuse Review

And that’s if it can handle hard topics; if it can handle hard topics, then you know it’s going to fly through easy topics, right? When you start running a home daycare, you need to make sure your home is up to code and meets all the necessary safety requirements. You also need to create a contract between you and the parents of the child you’ll be caring for. There are a few legal things you must do before getting started, but once you have everything in place, you can start reaping the many advantages of this business. This contract should outline your policies and procedures so that you can provide conflicting content to the reader, which is exactly what Google wants.

 I did not do any kind of SEO optimization. Of course, I published them after making changes and taking other precautions. And I’m purposefully choosing information that is kind of hard to answer with most artificial intelligence. How much money do you save with Tesla? That’s cool.

I think it automatically saves Scale net is a powerhouse beast. You guys know my opinion on that, but it does take time. I pretty much don’t think that there’s anything that will come close to HPO News. Right now, this content is ranking faster than any other content that I am using for any other AI writer. The average Tesla saves $1,000 on fuel each year; if you multiply that by 10 years, you could save $10,000.


Overall, Hypotenuse AI is a great choice for anyone who wants to quickly and easily create high-quality content without having to spend hours researching and writing. Its powerful AI engine produces unique and engaging content, while its text optimization feature ensures your content ranks higher in SERPs faster than ever before. Additionally, they offer great customer support with helpful tutorials, as well as live chat support if needed, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their product or service, making them one of the best options available when it comes to creating quality copy quickly and easily without breaking the bank!

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