TubeSift Review: Unleash YouTube Ads Mastery in Minutes!

By David Mills •  Updated: 05/17/24 •  6 min read

I think TubeSift is a specific software for YouTubers and agencies that want to scale running YouTube ads. I gave it 5 stars. Read the full review below or watch the video above. Enjoy!

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Welcome to this Tubesift Review

Today, we’re diving into TubeSift, a powerful tool designed to make YouTube ads research a breeze. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of TubeSift, let’s take a moment to check out some apps that are ending soon and see if there are any gems you shouldn’t miss out on.

There’s so many apps out there that it’s impossible to review them all, but I do try to pick out the ones you might find interesting. Tubesift did not disappoint!

TubeSift: What You Need to Know

Alright, let’s shift gears to our main focus: TubeSift. This YouTube ads research tool is something marketers, YouTubers, and marketing agencies should have in their toolkit. What’s so great about it? Let’s dig in!

What is TubeSift?

TubeSift is a YouTube advertising tool that helps you build highly targeted YouTube audiences in just a few minutes. Imagine having a tool that shows you the most effective videos to place your ads on—this is it.

Meet Justin Sardy

Justin Sardy, the brain behind TubeSift, is a million-dollar marketer who knows YouTube ads like the back of his hand. This isn’t a new tool or a new concept; it’s well-established and has been helping marketers for a while now. Justin’s expertise has been poured into this tool to make it incredibly useful.

TubeSift Features Breakdown

Let’s take a look at what TubeSift has to offer:

  • Powerful Video Research: Pinpoint the best videos for your ads.
  • Top Channels Search: Identify top-performing channels.
  • Keyword Tool: Discover the best keywords for your niche.
  • Supports Any Language: Reach global audiences seamlessly.
  • Advanced Search Options: Filter to find exactly what you need.
  • Banner Design Studio: Create banner ads and thumbnails, similar to Canva.
  • Trending and Top Charts Search: Stay on top of what’s hot.
  • Video Info Tool: Dive deep into video data.
  • Save Placement Lists: Organize your findings.
  • Fully Mobile and Responsive: Use it on any device.
  • Chrome Extension: Bookmark video ads easily.

Pricing and Plans

There’s no trial here; it’s all about picking the right tier for your needs.

  • License Tier 1: $49 for 50 searches per month.
  • License Tier 2: $129 for unlimited searches and full features, including TubeSift office hours and the Video Ads Alchemy Course.

Tubesift review

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Using TubeSift: First Impressions

After logging in, the first thing I noticed was the training section. TubeSift offers a series of videos to ensure you know how to make the most out of the tool. Even if you choose Tier 1, you’ll have access to comprehensive TubeSift training.

Here’s what you’ll find in the training:

  1. Introduction to TubeSift
  2. How to Search by Keyword
  3. Channel Search Tips
  4. Understanding the Advanced Settings
  5. And much more…


Real-Life Demo: Keyword Search inside of Tubesift

To kick things off, I typed in “monetize an audience” into the keyword search. TubeSift started populating relevant videos right away. Once the search was complete, it displayed crucial data like views, publish dates, and relevance.

It’s not all fast and furious; some searches, especially broad terms or channels with tons of content, may take a bit longer. But the wait is worth it. For example, searching for videos on “affiliate marketing” produced a list of monetized videos, allowing me to target exactly where my ads would show up.

Tubesift Channel Search: Diving Deeper

Next, I used the Channel Search feature to find suitable channels for affiliate marketing. It pulled up a list of relevant channels, and I could dive deeper into each one to identify the best ad placements.

Tubesift Site Search: Custom Audience Creation

The Site Search feature allows you to create custom audience segments based on websites related to your niche. This is useful for targeting people who visit specific sites, making your ads even more effective.

Tubesift Additional Features

  • Keyword Ideas: Perfect tool for keyword research.
  • Video Info Tool: Provides a detailed look into specific videos.
  • Banner Studio: Not as robust as Canva, but useful for quick designs.
  • Chrome Extension: Bookmark video ads easily while browsing.

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Tubesift Final Thoughts

TubeSift is a powerhouse of a tool, especially if you’re serious about YouTube advertising. The ease of use, combined with comprehensive features, makes it a must-have. Whether you’re just starting with YouTube ads or you’re a seasoned pro, the insights and efficiencies TubeSift offers are invaluable.

So, what do you think about TubeSift? Are you ready to take your YouTube ads to the next level? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to click the link here to pick up your copy!

Tubesift Rating by LearnWire

I gave Tubesift a 5 stars as it does what it set out to do. It allows you to quickly find placements to advertise your video on YouTube to the right audience. The user interface was straightforward and the tool performed well. I didn’t find any bugs in the software and the robust training that comes with the tool is a huge bonus. If you want to learn YouTube advertising and need the perfect research tool, then Tubesift has you covered.

“The true magic of TubeSift is in its ability to save hours of research and give you highly targeted ad placements, all in a few clicks.”

Thanks for sticking around! If you found this review helpful, be sure to share it with your fellow marketers and YouTubers. See you in the next post!

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