Trolly AI Review: Worth picking up? Deep Dive Tutorial

By David Mills •  Updated: 09/18/23 •  7 min read


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Here is my Trolly AI Review

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized content creation. AI writing tools can churn out blog posts, social media captions, landing pages, and more with just a few clicks. But with so many options available, how do you know which one to choose?

I recently tested out a new AI writing assistant called Trolly AI to see if it lives up to the hype. In this Trolly AI review, I’ll give you an in-depth look at how it works, who it’s for, the pros and cons, pricing, and my final verdict on whether it’s worth using.


Trolly AI is a relatively new artificial intelligence tool aimed at content creators, marketers, and businesses who want automated help writing blog posts, social media captions, emails, and other marketing copy.

It offers a straightforward web interface where you enter a few prompts and keywords, and it generates complete articles for you in seconds. The company highlights Trolly’s built-in SEO analysis and optimization as one of its main selling points.

I was intrigued by Trolly AI and wanted to see how its features, usability, and content quality stacked up against competitors like Jasper,, and Jarvis. So I took it for a test run to write this review post and share my thoughts with you.

Below I’ll walk through how Trolly AI works, who it’s best suited for, the pros and cons, pricing options, and whether or not I recommend it over other AI writer tools currently available.

How Trolly AI Works

Trolly AI operates through a user-friendly wizard interface that walks you through generating articles step-by-step:

  1. Enter basic article info: First, you enter the article title, topic keywords, and URL slug for SEO optimization.
  2. Provide prompts: Next, you input a few prompts and bullet points about what you want the article to cover.
  3. Adjust settings: Trolly lets you tweak settings like tone of voice, audience persona (e.g. blogger, marketer), and keywords to focus on.
  4. Generate article: Finally, you hit submit and Trolly churns out a complete article in seconds based on your prompts.
  5. Refine as needed: You can go back and edit the article manually to refine anything you want.

Trolly also offers a bulk generation feature where you can enter prompts for multiple articles at once and mass produce content.

Trolly AI Uses

Trolly AI is designed to help individual bloggers, marketing teams, agencies, and businesses generate written content faster.

Its key uses include:

  • Writing draft blog posts that you then refine yourself
  • Creating social media post captions
  • Generating product descriptions for ecommerce sites
  • Crafting email newsletters and sequences
  • Producing landing page and website copy
  • Creating SEO-optimized content quickly

Essentially any task that requires churning out written marketing or website copy is fair game for Trolly AI.

Who Is Trolly AI For?

Trolly AI is best suited for:

  • Bloggers: Who want AI-generated drafts to give them a head start on creating blog content faster
  • Agencies & Businesses: That need large volumes of marketing and website copy produced quickly
  • SEO Experts: Who want optimized content fast for link building and search rankings
  • Marketers: Who need help writing social media captions, emails, ads and more
  • Small Teams: Lacking dedicated copywriting resources

The promise of quickly spinning out articles tailored to your brand voice makes Trolly AI appealing for anyone strapped for time or content creation help.

Trolly Appsumo LTD Features

Trolly AI Pros and Cons

Based on my experience, here are the main pros and cons of using Trolly AI:


  • Fast article generation: Trolly creates complete draft posts in seconds, saving tons of research and writing time.
  • SEO optimization: The tool pays attention to title SEO, meta descriptions, keyword placement, etc.
  • Customization: You can tweak the tone of voice, content topics, and other settings.
  • Bulk generation: The bulk posting feature lets you mass produce lots of copy fast.
  • Reasonable pricing: Options range from $39/month for hobbyists up to $69/month for power users generating higher volumes.


  • Lackluster readability: While grammar is decent, sentences are long and rambling. Readability scores are low.
  • Poor content structure: Articles are generated as one long paragraph. Needs headings, lists, and other elements.
  • Inconsistent quality: Some paragraphs are strong while others are weakly related or repetitive.
  • No supporting research: Trolly spins your prompts without adding facts, stats, or research.
  • May need heavy editing: The generated drafts likely require extensive reworking to refine into publishable articles.

While Trolly AI shows potential, it still seems like an MVP product that needs more development to address these cons before it can compete with top-shelf rivals.

Trolly AI Pricing

Trolly AI offers monthly subscription plans at these price points:

  • Starter: $39/mo for 150K characters
  • Professional: $59/mo for 400K characters
  • Business: $69/mo for 700K characters
  • Currently, there is a lifetime deal price you can get, click one of the buttons on this page.

The character limits refer to how much content you can generate per month. At roughly 300 words per 1000 characters, the plans give you around 45K, 120K, and 210K words monthly respectively.

They offer free trials so you can test it out before committing. Overall, the pricing for an AI writing tool with Trolly’s capabilities seems fair and competitive.

FAQs About Trolly AI

Is Trolly AI worth it?

For bloggers, agencies, and teams needing lots of content regularly, Trolly AI can be worth it. But for perfectionists or those with modest needs, the quality likely won’t satisfy.

Is the content good enough to publish?

It depends. For a first draft, yes. But expect to rework Trolly’s articles before publishing to improve the writing.

Can it write in different tones of voice?

No, not at the time of doing this review. It writes in 3rd person professional tone.

How quickly does Trolly generate content?

Incredibly fast – complete draft posts in just seconds. The speed is Trolly’s biggest asset.

Does Trolly produce plagiarized content?

No, the articles are generated freshly based on your prompts. But as with any AI tool, you should still do a plagiarism check before publishing.

Do I Recommend Trolly AI?

Trolly AI shows a lot of potential as an AI writing assistant. The wizard interface is easy to use, content generation is lightning fast, and bulk creation capabilities make it easy to produce lots of copy in little time.

However, it still has room for improvement in readability, overall writing quality, and content structure before it can compete head-to-head with the top AI writing tools.

For now, I don’t recommend Trolly AI as a primary solution for article generation over options like Jasper or, which produce higher-quality output. But Trolly is a nice supplementary tool, especially given its reasonable pricing.

If the developers continue enhancing Trolly’s algorithms and features, it has the makings of a top contender. For now, approach it as a helpful AI assistant rather than an ace copywriter.

Key Points

  • Trolly AI offers fast article generation through an easy wizard interface
  • Ideal for bloggers, marketers, agencies, and businesses needing lots of copy
  • Provides helpful time savings and SEO optimization
  • Output quality needs improvement in terms of writing, readability, and structure
  • Not advanced enough yet to be a #1 AI writing tool recommendation
  • Worth looking into for draft content given reasonable pricing
  • Has potential but still in early stages compared to rivals like Jasper and

While not perfect, Trolly AI can be useful to a content creator’s toolkit given its speed and affordability. It shows a lot of promise as an AI writing assistant. I look forward to seeing how it evolves and improves over time.

David Mills

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