SEOFormulas Review: Can This Unique Keyword Research Tool Help You Dominate Search Results?

By David Mills •  Updated: 04/01/24 •  4 min read

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As content creators, we’re always on the lookout for tools to streamline our keyword research and help us craft SEO-optimized content that ranks. Recently, I came across SEOFormulas, an intriguing keyword research tool and content writer that takes a novel approach. In this SEOFormulas review, I’ll share my experience putting this tool through its paces to help you determine if it’s right for you.

SEOFormulas Sales Page and Info

SEOFormulas bills itself as a tool to “create formulas that dominate search results and attract your target audience.” The concept is that the tool will analyze your initial seed keywords, group the results into clusters or “formulas,” and provide you with a ChatGPT prompt to generate optimized content that could potentially rank for all the keywords in that formula. It’s a fascinating premise that piqued my interest.

SEOFormulas Pricing

At the time of this review, SEOFormulas offers a free version with limited usage. Paid plans with increased search limits and features start at $27 per month for the unlimited plan. 

Note: Pricing and features accurate as of April 2024. Check the official site for current details.

SEOFormulas Demo and Features

Keyword Research

I started my test by entering a seed keyword – in this case, “keyword research software.” The tool returned 205 related keywords, which initially seemed low. You can view the keywords along with search volume, CPC, and competition data (though it’s not clear if the competition score refers to paid or organic search). Unfortunately, there’s no way to sort the results within the interface – you have to export a CSV to filter and analyze.

Some of the keywords looked promising, but upon checking them with another trusted tool, I found the competition scores didn’t always align, with SEOFormulas showing them as much easier to rank for. This discrepancy gave me pause about relying solely on SEOFormulas’ keyword data.

Creating Formulas

The real magic is supposed to happen when you choose a keyword and create a “formula” for it. I tested this with “best software for keyword research.” SEOFormulas generated a suggested blog title, meta description, and a full ChatGPT prompt to generate the content, including some programmatic ideas for additional related pieces.

SEOFormulas Review

However, while the ChatGPT prompt had some good elements, like suggested word count and use of header tags, it was missing key SEO considerations like LSI keywords and E-A-T signals. Plugging the prompt into ChatGPT resulted in a 760-word article that read very much like AI content. It lacked any real expertise or authoritative voice.

SEOFormulas Final Thoughts

I appreciate the ingenuity behind SEOFormulas and the attempt to streamline keyword research and content creation. There are some promising pieces, and I imagine the tool will continue to evolve and improve.

However, in its current state, I have reservations about the keyword data and the content formulas it generates. The competition scores didn’t match up with what I found in other trusted SEO tools. And the content prompt, while a neat concept, needs more consideration of E-A-T and other important signals. It’s not enough to just prevent AI content detectors from flagging it – the content needs to provide genuine expertise and value to readers.

SEOFormulas Rating by LearnWire

Based on my initial tests, I’d rate SEOFormulas a 2.5 out of 5. It has potential, but the keyword data needs improvement and the content prompts require more SEO optimization. I’d recommend sticking with more established keyword tools for now and using AI content assistants as part of a balanced approach where you infuse your own expertise.

“SEOFormulas takes an innovative approach to keyword research and AI content creation. While not quite ready for prime time, it’s a tool I’ll be keeping my eye on as it develops.” – David Mills, LearnWire

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