SEOcrawl Review – Search Console and Google Analytics data for Actionable SEO

By David Mills •  Updated: 01/02/23 •  3 min read

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SEOCrawl Intro

SEOcrawl is an SEO software that is available as a lifetime deal on Appsumo. SEOcrawl is designed to help businesses and users save time, be more efficient, and achieve better SEO results. SEOcrawl helps users monitor the performance and functionality of their website with real-time notifications.

SEOCrawl Features

Features SEOcrawl offers a variety of features to help businesses and individuals maximize their SEO efforts. Some of these features include:

• Generate actionable SEO reports with your Search Console and Google Analytics data.

• Monitor the performance and functionality of your website with real-time notifications. • Automatically scan and analyze websites and webpages.

• Automatically generate and manage keywords.

• Automatically optimize your website for search engine ranking.

• Track competitors’ strategies and analyze their performance.

• Integrate with other SEO tools.

SEOCrawl Benefits

Benefits SEOcrawl provides a range of benefits for businesses and individuals. Some of the benefits of using SEOcrawl include:

• Increased visibility and traffic to your website.

• Improved search engine rankings.

• Reduced time and effort spent optimizing websites.

• Increased efficiency in managing SEO campaigns.

• Improved search engine optimization strategies.

• Increased ROI from SEO campaigns.

SEOCrawl Pricing

Appsumo Pricing SEOcrawl is available as a lifetime deal on Appsumo for $19.

Website Everyday Pricing The regular pricing for SEOcrawl is $ $77.71 to $423.08 per year.

If you choose to pay monthly then it is $9 for their lowest plan which will let you manage 1 project or website and goes up to the Elite plan at $52 per month and you can manage up to 25 sites or projects.

If you really want to use this tool and love using Google Search Console and Google Analytics to manage your websites performance, analytics, and to gain more traffic from this data, then SEOcrawl is for you.

I would strongly recommend picking up the lifetime deal on Appsumo while it is available. See below, if you pick up License Tier 4, you will get unlimited projects and Unlimited Users. And up to 10 Million total clicks per month from Google Search Console. You will get Team management and White labeling to manage clients websites too.

SEOCrawl Pros

Affordable pricing.

• Easy to use and understand.

• Generates actionable SEO reports.

• Automatically scans and analyzes websites and webpages.

• Automatically generates and manages keywords.

• Automatically optimizes your website for search engine ranking.

• Tracks competitors’ strategies and analyzes their performance.

• Integrates with other SEO tools.

SEOCrawl Cons

• Limited free trial.

• Limited customer support.

SEOCrawl Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts SEOcrawl is a powerful SEO tool that offers users a range of features and benefits. It is available as a lifetime deal on Appsumo for a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay annually. The tool is easy to use.

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