SalesBlink Review: An In-Depth and Honest Review of this Cold Email Outreach Software

By David Mills •  Updated: 04/22/24 •  8 min read

Let’s have a chat about SalesBlink, the BlinkGPT AI-powered software that’s all about revolutionizing the cold email outreach game. Forget about the grunt work of the outreach process with SalesBlink, you can divert your energy and skills to where they really matter – closing those crucial deals. Stick around as we delve deeper into this software’s killer features, assessing just how good they are, and outline what you can and cannot expect from this sales tool in your everyday business functioning. 

A Deeper Look into SalesBlink’s Features 

Let’s talk about how SalesBlink creates magic by using the BlinkGPT AI for your cold email outreach. With this bad boy, each of your emails gets an individualized touch, with capabilities to append attachments and dodge those pesky spam keywords, all thanks to AI that’s been trained on millions of successful emails.

It doesn’t stop at being clever, though. The email warmup feature means that your emails are likely to be received and read, not lost in cyber oblivion. 

What about those of us juggling multiple email accounts, you ask? SalesBlink has you covered with a rotating email addresses feature, and to top it off, a unified inbox for all your email-related operations. Now, isn’t that cool? There’s also an integrated meeting scheduler to keep those important appointments in check.

salesblink review

With customizable dashboards and tracking features – reading emails, clicking on links, responding – this tool leaves no stone unturned when tracking performance. The cherry on top? Its ability to integrate with Slack and a wide variety of CRM platforms for an all-encompassing experience.  

In short, with a multitude of features from drafting AI-powered personalised emails, tracking responses, scheduling meetings and integrating with CRMs, SalesBlink paints a compelling picture as a versatile tool in cold emailing outreach, driving you closer to winning deals with each feature.

Pros and Cons: The Truth about Using SalesBlink for Cold Email Outreach

Equipped with BlinkGPT AI, SalesBlink offers personalized cold emails. This means the sending of personalized emails to your leads is made much easier and efficient. I mean, who doesn’t want to save time and get results?While the tool is impressive with its AI-driven functions, you might initially find it a bit intimidating, especially if you’re new to AI tools. But fear not! After a little toe-dipping, you’ll find the water just right.
The email warm-up feature is something that really gets me excited. It’s like a workout for your emails – getting them ready for the main event! The result? Improved deliverability of your outreach campaigns. Score!Some users have reported that the rotating email address feature can be a bit hit-and-miss. It’s not a deal-breaker but it’s worth noting if you’re relying heavily on this function.
The tracking feature is something I don’t think I could live without now. Find out who has opened your emails and when? Yes, please! It’s like being a fly on the wall during your outreach campaign.Customizable dashboards are great, but could probably do with a bit more in-depth customization options. While they’re certainly handy, those seeking an extra degree of personalization may find them somewhat lacking.
Last but definitely not least: the meeting scheduler. Being able to schedule meetings within the same platform saves me flipping back and forth between emails and calendars. Convenience at its best!The only real sticky point I’ve found is the learning curve. It might take you a bit of time to get used to everything, but stick with it – it’s worth overcoming those initial hurdles for the power-features you get on the other side.
Tier 1$69 LifetimePersonalized Cold Emails, Email WarmUp, 2000 Emails/month, Access to all Upcoming Features and Updates
Tier 2$138 LifetimeEverything in Tier 1 plus 4,000 Emails/month, Unlimited Leads, and Priority Support
Tier 3$207 LifetimeEverything in Tier 2 plus 6,000 Emails/month, Unlimited Meeting Scheduler, and 24/7 Support

10 Code Stack

Stacking 10 codes price is $690 for the LTD. Includes all features from previous tiers, all existing and future integrations, 22,000 BlinkGPT AI personalized emails/month, 55 BlinkGPT AI sequences/month, 275 BlinkGPT AI email templates/month, unlimited monthly email sending limit, unlimited warmup email address/month, Bring Your Own API key, and Team Reports.

Ease of Use: Is SalesBlink User-Friendly?

Let’s cut to the chase, SalesBlink is a user-friendly platform that effortlessly streamlines your cold email outreach. Smooth navigation, detailed dashboards, and easy tasks integration — from uploading SMTP/IMAP email addresses to tracking clicks and replies — have made it a joy to use for many. 

But what takes the cake? Their ace card, the BlinkGPT AI. This powerhouse has been trained on millions of successful cold emails and crafts personalized templates that hit the mark each time. It’s like having a dedicated copywriter who never needs a break. 

In a nutshell, SalesBlink offers efficiency, usability and a tremendous boost to your cold email campaigns. The impact this could have on your work is truly a game-changer. Exciting times ahead with SalesBlink, folks!

salesblink review

What real users are saying about SalesBlink

So, we’re all acquainted with what the folks from SalesBlink are pitching, but what’s the real-word experience like? Well, I rolled up my sleeves and found a hefty number of reviews about this tool on App Sumo to fill us in. Over 300 of them, in fact! These aren’t curated company testimonials, mind you. They’re the real, raw, unfiltered opinions from hardworking professionals like you and me. 

So, what’s the consensus? Let’s dig in and find out. 

One powerful recurring theme that punches through all the chatter is the impressive level of personalization SalesBlink offers. Users are raving about how the BlinkGPT AI system enables them to craft personalized cold emails – a dream come true, right? The platform learns from millions of successful cold emails and helps create those genuine connections that are simply gold. Who doesn’t appreciate being treated as an individual rather than just another email recipient on a list? 

Another pretty juicy aspect that users are loving? The email warmup feature. It’s like having your personal email fitness coach! Users have reported improved deliverability rates and less time spent in the spam inbox of their potential leads. Now, that’s a massive win in my book! 

salesblink review

Beyond those fantastic features, there’s glowing appreciation for the rotating email addresses, the unified inbox, along with the meeting scheduler, customizable dashboards, and email performance tracking. The platform really seems to shine when it comes to delivering a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for cold outreach.

Now, remember folks, no platform is perfect. SalesBlink is no exception. But, what’s noteworthy is that users are closing deals – a lot of deals! In fact, over a million since 2020. That’s not something you achieve with a run-of-the-mill outreach tool, if you ask me. So, it’s safe to say that the users have spoken and they like what SalesBlink is offering. 

And hey, with Sushant at the helm as the founder of SalesBlink, is it any wonder this platform packs such a punch? It’s clearly benefiting real, everyday users just like you.  Intrigued? I thought you might be. Why not give it a spin and see for yourself?

Appsumo and LearnWire Rating of SalesBlink

What does SalesBlink’s public rave about? Well, it’s a resounding chorus of praise, folks. Just scoot over to AppSumo and check out the ratings. A staggering 355 customers have put their voices behind a sleek 4.6 out of 5 stars. Nah, those figures ain’t a typo. Can that many people be wrong? I doubt it. Unanimity at that volume signifies a product that’s genuinely acing it. 

As for me, after diving into every nook and cranny of the SalesBlink software during my review, I’m staying aligned with the crowd. If it were up to me, I’d pitch in a solid 4.5 stars. Why not the full 5, you might wonder? Well, nothing is perfect, right? But hey, 4.5 is pretty darn close! 

So, what does all this noise boil down to? Simple. SalesBlink is a fantastic software. Its legion of 355 satisfied customers at AppSumo and my own experience stand testament to that. Now, it’s your turn to join the crowd. Are you ready to reach out, click that “sign-up” button and commence your own SalesBlink journey? I bet you are!

Wrapping it up

In essence, SalesBlink revolutionizes the way you conduct cold email outreaches, offering a streamlined, AI-powered solution to closing deals. With its impressive suite of features and proven track record, this software is a gamechanger for businesses looking to elevate their cold email strategies. There’s no question that investing in SalesBlink could potentially lead to unprecedented growth and success.

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