AI Review: Automatically Edit and Mix your Podcast!

By David Mills •  Updated: 11/16/23 •  4 min read

I really enjoyed trying out. Resound AI allows you to quickly edit audio and get it ready to upload as your podcast. It was super simple to use and it does exactly what it says it does. It automatically gets rid of silences and filler words in your audio, as well as professionally mixes it so your podcast is ready to upload to podcasting sites like Itunes and Spotify. I would pick this up if you are thinking of doing a postcast.

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Resound AI Review: AI-Powered Podcast Editing Software

Resound fm is a new software tool that leverages AI to automate editing of podcast audio. It can cut silences, filler words, and more to help you quickly polish up podcast episodes.

Overview of Resound’s Features

Some key features of Resound include:

  • AI-powered editing – Resound scans your audio and detects pauses, filler words like “um”, and other areas to shorten or remove to tighten up your podcast flow.
  • Enhanced audio – Optional audio mastering by professional engineers to optimize the sound quality of your final podcast.
  • Fast processing – Resound can process a 30 minute podcast in just 1-2 minutes. Much faster than manual editing.
  • Intuitive interface – Clean and simple interface makes it easy to review edits and export your finished audio.
  • Video support planned – Resound has video export on their development roadmap, allowing it to process video podcasts in the future.

Ease of Use

Using Resound is straightforward:

  • Upload your podcast audio or video file
  • Click “Process Audio” and Resound scans it
  • Review the suggested edits and make tweaks
  • Export your final polished audio/video

The interface is clean and intuitive. Within just 1-2 minutes, Resound had processed a 30 minute podcast file and accurately identified 29 filler words to remove.

Audio Quality

The optional enhanced audio definitely improves the sound quality. It made the audio louder and crisper. This could help compensate for lower quality microphones.

For high end microphones, the enhanced audio may not be necessary. But it’s ideal for maximizing audio quality without much effort.

Pros of Resound

Here are some of the standout benefits of using Resound:

  • Huge time saver – Processing that used to take hours is reduced to minutes.
  • Improves audio quality – Fillers removed and enhanced audio options.
  • Easy to use – Very intuitive interface and workflow.
  • Affordable – Lifetime deals start at $49.


Cons and Room for Improvement

Resound has a lot of potential but there are some current limitations:

  • Video export not available yet – This key feature is on their roadmap but not implemented yet.
  • More analytics – Would be helpful to see statistics on how many fillers were removed, silence lengths, etc.


Overall, Resound delivers on its core promise of automating podcast audio editing to save huge time. It’s affordably priced and easy to use.

The upcoming video export feature will make it even more powerful. It’s a great automatic editing option for podcasters and YouTubers producing video podcasts.


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