Rankify Review: Can This AI Writer Help You Rank Higher or Will It Get You Penalized?

By David Mills •  Updated: 03/14/24 •  5 min read

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As an avid reviewer of AI writing software, I had to put Rankify to the test. Many tools flood the market. They promise human-like content that’s good for SEO. It’s hard to know which ones deliver real value. In this Rankify review, I’ll share my honest thoughts. I took a deep dive into its features, performance, and content quality. Will Rankify help you rank higher or leave you at risk of a Google penalty? Let’s find out.

Rankify Sales Page and Info

Rankify’s sales page makes bold claims about its AI writer. It touts the writer as a solution to “rank higher with SEO optimized human-like content.” They say the content is “undetectable” as AI-generated. Their “smart algorithms” make it.” This is typical for AI writing tool marketing.

The page highlights integration with WordPress and other platforms for easy publishing. It also mentions a bulk article generation feature, which piqued my interest.

Rankify Pricing

PlanOne-Time PriceDiscounted FromFeatures
License Tier 1$59$500– All features included
– 50 SEO articles
– 1 workspace
License Tier 2$199$1,200– All features included
– 300 SEO articles
– 5 workspaces
– Unlimited teams

Rankify’s pricing seems in line with other AI writers. The Solo plan should suffice if you’re just running one or two websites. Agencies managing multiple sites may need the higher tiers.

It’s great they have a lifetime deal through AppSumo. This shows they’re trying to maximize the launch and get the tool into as many hands as possible.

Rankify Demo and Features

Getting Started

When you log into Rankify, you’re prompted to set up your organization. You must create a workspace and choose your website niche from a long list. It definitely requires some initial configuration to get up and running.

Creating an Article

I started by entering my focus keyword “how to grow a community online” to generate an article. When I asked for topic suggestions based on that keyword, Rankify gave off-topic ideas. They were about gardening. It appears to just pull from the initial niche you select, rather than the actual keyword – not very helpful.

You can enter the desired length, tone, and type of article. You can also extract keywords from a competitor’s URL. That’s a handy feature I haven’t seen in many other AI writers.

Content Quality and Accuracy

After generating a 1500-word article, I was less than impressed with the output. Here are some issues I noticed:

  • The suggested images were laughable stock photos that didn’t match the topic at all. You definitely can’t rely on Rankify’s image recommendations.
  • Some of the content was questionable. For example, it recommended Wix as a community-building platform. While technically possible, it’s not exactly a top choice for most.
  • Rankify claimed to use GPT-4 Turbo. But, the content didn’t show that level of quality or coherence. I’ve tested enough GPT-4 tools to know this fell short.
  • The Grammarly score was a dismal 44 and the Flesch reading ease a 34. Not exactly the “human-like” writing that was promised.
  • I ran the content through several AI detection tools. Most identified it as AI-generated, with originality scores as low as 4%. So much for “undetectable.”

Additional Features

Rankify has a few unique features that stand out. For example, it can make “content clusters.” It does this by making packs of articles around a pillar topic and linking them. There’s also a content calendar. It schedules and auto-publishes your posts to WordPress or Shopify.

The case study generator is an interesting addition. You don’t see it in every AI writing tool. If you’re promoting your own product, this could come in handy.

Rankify Final Thoughts

Rankify brings some new features. But, the quality of the core content was bad. In my experience, it doesn’t meet its claims. It can’t generate human-like, SEO-friendly articles. The bot detection rates were high. Also, the content itself needed big edits to be publishable.

At this price, there are better AI writing assistants on the market. They deliver stronger results with less fuss. I’d recommend tools like Jasper, Copy AI or Writesonic over Rankify.

Ultimately, no AI writer is a magic bullet for ranking your sites. The tools are for helping and streamlining content creation. But, they can’t replace human oversight, expertise, and manual editing. Use them to speed up your first drafts. But, always review and refine them to ensure quality.

Google keeps updating its algorithms to find AI content. So, it’s more critical than ever to prioritize value over volume. Pumping out lots of auto-generated content is likely to hurt your rankings. This will happen in the long run. Focus on creating articles that truly help readers. This is true no matter how they’re made.

Rankify Rating by LearnWire

I give Rankify a 2/5 rating. It has some interesting features. But, the low content quality and high AI detection rates make it hard to recommend. Other AI writing tools are more reliable. There’s potential here, but it needs some refining to really stand out in this crowded space.

“Rankify promises a lot but under-delivers on content quality and SEO performance. There are better AI writers out there for the price.”

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I can’t recommend Rankify so I wont even bother adding my affiliate link. I recommend checking out my KWhero Review and can confidently recommend this AI writing and keyword research tool.

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