Neuronwriter vs Contentpace: Which is the Best SEO Content Optimization Tool?

By David Mills •  Updated: 01/17/23 •  3 min read



NeuronWriter AI and ContentPace are both popular SEO tools that content creators and marketers use. To understand which one is better, let’s look at the features, benefits, pros and cons of both software.

I have thoroughly tested both tools. I have also done case studies on both tools on my YouTube channel. My channel is LearnWire, in case you are interested. You can also check out my full in-depth comparison video at the top of this post. 

Now let’s jump into my comparison of these two content optimization tools from a real user’s standpoint. 

Features of Neuronwriter and Contentpace:

NeuronWriter AI: An advanced essay editor with easy-to-follow NLP guidelines to optimize content for search engine result pages. It is an alternative to AI writing tools such as ClearScope, Fase, SufferSEO and MarketMuse. It offers features such as planning the correct page type for a specific user query, choosing the right competitors to improve the content, plotting document drafts with the necessary information, and enlarging content.

ContentPace: It is an all-in-one SEO tool with features such as keyword research, competitor analysis, content optimization, link building, and more. It also provides a content performance dashboard and real-time SEO analytics to help you track the performance of your content.

Benefits of Neuronwriter and Contentpace:

NeuronWriter AI: It helps to create content quickly and efficiently while optimizing it for search engine result pages. It also helps to generate fresh ideas with less effort.

ContentPace: It helps to improve the visibility of your content on search engine result pages and track the performance of your content with real-time SEO analytics.

Pros and Cons of Neuronwriter and Contentpace:

NeuronWriter AI: Pros – Easy to use, fast content creation, AI-powered, optimize content for SERPs. Cons – No link-building features, limited features compared to ContentPace.

ContentPace: Pros – All-in-one SEO tool, keyword research, competitor analysis, content performance dashboard, real-time SEO analytics. Cons – No AI-powered features, more expensive than NeuronWriter AI.

Pricing of Neuronwriter and Contentpace

Neuronwriter pricing

Neuronwriter used to have a lifetime deal on Appsumo, and they gained hundreds of 5 start (taco) reviews. It was one of the most successful and loved software launches on Appsumo for 2022. They no longer have a lifetime deal. The current pricing chart can be seen below:

They have 5 monthly plans ranging from around $19 to $97 per month.

Neuronwriter pricing

Contentpace pricing

Contentpace is currently available on Appsumo as a lifetime deal. They also have everyday pricing on their website that is more expensive than Neuronwriters.

It is highly recommended to pick up Contentpace’s lifetime deal while it is available. See the pricing chart for the lifetime pricing below:

You can stack up to 7 codes for $553 and get 1,000 topic reports per month.

If you are an agency or plan to be one, this is the deal of a lifetime.

Contentpace pricing


NeuronWriter AI is the more developed tool and is slightly recommended over ContentPace. It offers more features, is more user-friendly, and is cheaper than ContentPace. However, it lacks the research and speed that Contentpace offers. You cannot go wrong with either tool, but the edge goes to Neuronwriter in this battle. However, depending on your needs, you can choose the software that best suits your requirements.

Check out both tools here:



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