KeywordGap Review: Why did Writerzen create this new tool? Strange

By David Mills •  Updated: 03/13/24 •  3 min read


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KeywordGap Review: Uncovering the Gaps in Your SEO Strategy

by David Mills of LearnWire

As an SEO enthusiast and content creator, I’m always on the lookout for tools that can help streamline my keyword research and content creation process. When I stumbled upon KeywordGap on AppSumo, I was intrigued by its promise to identify gaps in my SEO strategy and provide AI-powered content creation. However, upon closer inspection, I discovered some surprising connections and limitations that left me questioning the tool’s true value.

KeywordGap Sales Page and Info

KeywordGap positions itself as an alternative to SEMrush, catering to bloggers, marketers, and marketing agencies. The sales page emphasizes its ability to find relevant keywords, analyze search console data, and create content in bulk around those keywords. Interestingly, the founders of KeywordGap are the same team behind a similar tool called WriterZen, which raises some questions about their strategy and the need for a separate, seemingly overlapping tool.

KeywordGap Pricing

KeywordGap offers three pricing tiers on AppSumo:

Plan Searches/mo Keyword Imports Articles Price
1 50 3,000 50 $69
2 100 6,000 100 $138
3 200 10,000 150 $207

While the article generation limits are generous, the low search limits in the entry-level plan may be restrictive for serious keyword research.

KeywordGap Demo and Features

Keyword Research

KeywordGap’s keyword research features are strikingly similar to WriterZen, with an almost identical user interface. It provides keyword suggestions, search volume, CPC data, and a “trending” filter to identify popular keywords. However, the lack of clear keyword difficulty scores within the main keyword view is a significant drawback, requiring users to click on individual keywords to access this crucial information.

Keyword Gap Analysis

The keyword gap analysis feature requires users to connect their Google Search Console account and manually import a list of target keywords. While the process is functional, it’s not as intuitive or automated as some competing tools. The results show captured, shared, and missing keywords, but the lack of built-in keyword difficulty scores hampers the ability to quickly assess the viability of targeting these gaps.

AI-Powered Content Creation

KeywordGap includes an AI-powered content creation tool, which generates articles based on selected keywords and article types (e.g., listicles, how-to guides). However, the quality and depth of the generated content are subpar compared to other AI writing tools like KW Hero. The articles are often too short and require significant manual editing and optimization to be publish-ready.

KeywordGap Final Thoughts

While KeywordGap offers some useful features for keyword research and gap analysis, it ultimately falls short in several key areas. The unclear relationship with WriterZen, the lack of readily accessible keyword difficulty scores, and the underwhelming AI writing capabilities make it difficult to recommend this tool over more established and comprehensive alternatives.

KeywordGap Rating by LearnWire

Based on my hands-on experience and assessment, I give KeywordGap a 3.0 out of 5. While it has potential, it needs significant improvements in usability, data presentation, and content quality to truly stand out in the crowded SEO tool market.

“KeywordGap aims to fill the gaps in your SEO strategy, but in its current state, it leaves some gaps of its own that need addressing before it can become a go-to tool for serious SEO professionals and content creators.”

David Mills

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