Keyword Discovery Review: Unique ROI Calculator for Keyword Research

By David Mills •  Updated: 09/15/23 •  6 min read


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Key Points

My Keyword Discovery Review

Choosing the right keywords is crucial for any content marketing or SEO strategy. But with hundreds of tools out there, it can be challenging to know which one to use. In this post, we’ll be reviewing Keyword Discovery, a new entrant in the keyword research space that brings a unique ROI calculator to the table. Developed by StepForth Inc and recently launched on AppSumo, Keyword Discovery caught my eye for its novel approach to assigning value to keywords.

After testing the tool extensively, I believe Keyword Discovery has the potential to transform keyword research by enabling SEOs and content marketers to pick keywords based on potential ROI. Read on for the full Keyword Discovery review.

Meta description: A detailed review of Keyword Discovery, the new keyword research tool with a unique ROI calculator. Learn how it works, its key features, limitations, and whether it’s worth using.

How Keyword Discovery Works

Keyword Discovery uses a combination of search volume, competition, and monetization potential to assign an ROI score to keywords.

To begin keyword research, you enter a seed keyword or phrase. Keyword Discovery then displays keyword ideas along with monthly search volume, cost per click, and year-over-year growth rate.

Where the tool differs is with its ROI score. To calculate ROI, Keyword Discovery considers factors like search volume, competition, your website authority, and whether you’ll use AI content. It then crunches the numbers through a formula to assign an ROI score from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better the potential return from targeting that keyword.

You can refine the results by setting difficulty modifiers that reflect your expertise level. Keyword Discovery will then recalculate ROI scores accordingly.

Keyword Discovery Uses

With its unique ROI calculator, Keyword Discovery aims to help:

Who Is Keyword Discovery For?

Keyword Discovery aims to serve:

Essentially, any individual or company that relies on keywords for traffic, rankings, and revenue can benefit from Keyword Discovery.

Keyword Discovery Pros and Cons



Keyword Discovery Pricing

Keyword Discovery offers these plans:

The tool was also available on AppSumo for hugely discounted lifetime deals starting at $49. This offered exceptional value given the regular monthly pricing.


Does Keyword Discovery integrate with other tools?

Not currently. Keyword Discovery works as a standalone keyword research tool.

Can you use Keyword Discovery for local SEO?

Yes, the tool supports local keyword research for geographical areas.

Does Keyword Discovery provide keyword grouping?

No, you will need to group and categorize keywords manually.

Can you schedule reports in Keyword Discovery?

No, the tool does not currently have reporting capabilities. You need to export keyword lists manually.

Is there a free version of Keyword Discovery?

No free version is available. However, AppSumo offered lifetime deals at big discounts.

Do I Recommend Keyword Discovery?

Keyword Discovery brings a novel approach to keyword research that I haven’t seen in other tools. The ROI calculator provides a new dimension that allows you to view keywords through a monetization lens.

For SEOs and content creators focused on profits, Keyword Discovery delivers immense value. It helps align keywords to business goals by predicting potential returns.

That said, I did experience some slowness in retrieving keyword scores during my testing. And not having difficulty scores immediately displayed is an inconvenience.

But considering Keyword Discovery is a relatively new product, I expect such issues to improve over time. The coreROI calculator capability has immense potential in transforming keyword research.

I would recommend picking up Keyword Discovery to benefit from its unique ROI algorithm, especially if you grabbed it at AppSumo’s low pricing. Just be prepared for some short-term hiccups typical of new products finding their footing.


Keyword Discovery brings a novel ROI-focused approach to keyword research that could very well disrupt this space. The tool’s algorithm considers multiple factors to predict keyword value, allowing you to select keywords aligned with business goals.

While Keyword Discovery currently suffers some speed and UX issues, its core offering of an ROI calculator is compelling and offers long-term promise. For SEOs and content marketers focused on monetization, Keyword Discovery should provide tremendous value as it smoothens out initial product kinks.

Given its affordable pricing, Keyword Discovery is definitely worth trying out, especially if you grabbed one of AppSumo’s lifetime deals. The tool’s unconventional features could provide a new perspective on optimizing your keyword strategy for profitability.

David Mills