Jupitrr Review: AI Video Editor with One Click B-Roll

By David Mills •  Updated: 01/11/24 •  17 min read

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Jupitrr Review: AI Video Editor with One Click B-Roll

It is important to know that the above video and below content are based on my real test and review of the software.

Welcome to Learn Wire. Today, I’m excited to share with you a powerful tool called Jupiter that’s designed to dramatically speed up video creation. With its ability to auto-generate stock footage and captions, this platform is quickly gaining popularity, as evidenced by the positive user feedback. It’s exciting to see tools that support creators across various platforms, especially with a budget-friendly entry price.

Not only does Jupiter offer versatility by allowing exports in multiple formats including square, vertical, and landscape, but its feature of generating relevant stock footage with just a click is what sets it apart. This is particularly useful for creating engaging content for social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Jupiter’s AI capabilities are tailored for content creators, course developers, and online coaches. It simplifies the video editing process by trimming down the time-intensive tasks to just a few clicks. The tool’s interface is intuitive, making the creative process more seamless than ever. I personally use video editing software daily, and from my experience with Descript, I can appreciate the value Jupiter offers.

By incorporating AI features, Jupiter not only boosts productivity but also lowers the barrier to entry for high-quality video production, something that’s essential for startups or solo entrepreneurs who may not have the resources for professional editing services. Now, let’s dive into the practical aspects and see how Jupiter stands up to the task.

Key Takeaways

  • Jupiter simplifies video creation with auto-generated footage and captions, valuable for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Tailored for individual creators and business professionals, Jupiter leverages AI to save time and reduce stress in the editing process.
  • The platform offers an affordable entry with tiered pricing, ensuring accessibility for creators with varying needs and budget considerations.

Overview of Jupiter

I’ve recently been exploring Jupiter, an innovative AI video maker that’s quickly gained popularity on platforms like AppSumo. With 19 reviews and a 4.0 rating, it’s clear that users are finding it effective right from the start. What makes Jupiter stand out is the ability to autogenerate stock footage and captions, a feature that I find particularly unique.

I offer insights as a content creator who relies on tools like Descript on a daily basis, and I appreciate how Jupiter aims to streamline the video creation process. This tool gives content creators, whether they are coaches, course creators or Youtubers, the ability to produce engaging videos quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost than professional editing services.

The seamless integration of AI features facilitates the video editing process by allowing functions such as adding vectors, b-rolls, and trimming with just a few clicks. Pricing options are also competitive and tiered to fit different user needs, with license tier 1 starting at $49. This provides valuable features like 10 hours of audiogram video and AI video transcription per month with no watermark.

For those with more extensive requirements, higher tiers offer increased or unlimited hours of audio and AI transcription. This flexibility in pricing ensures that whether you’re a podcaster or a Youtuber, there’s an option that caters to your specific needs. With Jupiter, I am enabled to create high-quality content without allocating a significant budget for video editing.

In exploring Jupiter’s capabilities, I noted features like customizable templates, custom brand colors, and watermarks. The ability to autogenerate subtitles in 23 languages extends the reach of content across global audiences.

Logging into Jupiter, the platform presents a user-friendly interface. You’re greeted with a dashboard that includes a video library of your edited content and straightforward account settings. Jupiter’s regular pricing structure offers different plans based on the amount of content you intend to produce. Despite the competition with services like Descript, Jupiter maintains its own attractive offerings.

The fact that Jupiter already attracts 40,000 monthly visitors before its launch on AppSumo speaks to its established presence in the market. It’s quite evident that the company is not only offering a lifetime deal to attract new users but possibly to fund further software development, suggesting that there could be more features added in the future.

As I delve deeper into the functionalities available, I am considering the possibility of drawing comparisons between Jupiter and other tools like Descript. It’s important to determine how these tools can benefit my workflow and whether Jupiter will become an integral part of my video creation process.

In sum, Jupiter is presented as a versatile and valuable tool for creators looking to optimize their video production while maintaining quality and reducing costs. My continued exploration of this tool will confirm whether it stands up to its promise of transforming video editing into an efficient and stress-free experience.

Key Features

Auto-Generated Stock Footage

  • Single-click functionality: Generate relevant stock footage for any part of the video quickly.
  • Engagement: Enhance your videos to make them more engaging with ease.
  • Unique offering: Stand out feature in comparison to other tools, providing simplicity and efficiency.

Multi-Language Captions

  • Language diversity: Create captions in a total of 23 different languages.
  • Accessibility: Expand your audience reach by making your content more accessible.
  • Seamless integration: Easily integrate subtitles into your videos, enhancing viewer understanding.

Video Export Options

  • Format variety: Export your videos in square, vertical, or landscape formats.
  • Platform optimization: Optimize videos for various platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • High-quality outputs: Ensures your exported videos maintain a standard of 1080 HD quality.

Target Audience

As a creator specializing in video content, I’ve discovered that my peers and I share common goals and pain points. Our experience has led us to seek tools that streamline video editing and production, and I have encountered a solution that caters to a vast array of creators.

Content Creators and YouTubers: Those who are managing YouTube channels, often with longer-form content, will benefit from the capacity to produce high-definition videos efficiently.

  • Online Course Creators: Individuals creating and selling courses on platforms like Udemy will find the AI features particularly useful for crafting engaging video content without excessive time investment.


  • With features like audiogram video creation, podcasters can transform audio content into visually appealing videos, perfect for sharing on various platforms.

Social Media Influencers:

  • The ability to export videos in square, vertical, or landscape formats caters to the needs of TikTok and Instagram influencers who require flexibility for their diverse content.

Startups and Entrepreneurs:

  • Startups often operate under tight budgets, and a tool that reduces the cost of video editing serves as an asset. License tiers are designed to fit various needs and budgets, making professional editing more accessible.

Multilingual Content Creators:

  • The feature to auto-generate captions in 23 languages expands the reach to a global audience, ridding the hassle of manual translation.

My encounter with various video editing tools, including Descript, has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the market, and I can confidently say that the features available here are easy to use. By integrating seamless stock footage generation and trimming into a few clicks, the process becomes considerably less stressful.

Importantly, this solution addresses the most crucial point for us as creators – time. By automating traditional video editing tasks, we can focus more on content creation and less on the technicalities, ultimately enhancing our productivity.

AI Capabilities

My experience with Jupiter has shown that it’s a tool crafted to enhance the speed and efficiency of video creation. Impressed by the rapid traction it’s gaining, I find the built-in auto-generation of stock footage particularly remarkable. This unique feature vastly simplifies the creation of captivating videos with the ease of a single click.

Key Features:

  • Captioning: Capable of generating captions in 23 different languages.
  • Formats Support: Exports videos in square, vertical, and landscape orientations, catering to platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Seamless Integration: Unlike other tools with stock footage options, Jupiter offers a remarkably streamlined and seamless integration.

User Feedback:

  • With 19 reviews since its launch, Jupiter holds a solid 4.0 rating, indicating a positive reception from users.

I leverage Jupiter as a Descript alternative, though it shares similarities with other video editing softwares like Adobe Premiere and Synthesia, which I haven’t used extensively. My regular use of Descript to record and edit videos has offered insight into the potential of AI video editors.

The features provided with each pricing tier align thoughtfully with the needs of a variety of creators. For instance, podcasters might find License Tier 2 fitting, while active YouTubers could prefer License Tier 3 for its extended hours of transcription.

My Perspective as a Content Creator: Given the investment required for professional video editing, Jupiter presents as a cost-effective solution. It significantly lowers the barrier to entry for startups or individuals aspiring to create content without heavy financial overhead. The likelihood to recommend Jupiter stems from its promise to democratize high-quality video editing by significantly reducing the time, cost, and complexity involved.

Platform Experience: Upon logging into the platform, navigating to the video library and settings is straightforward. The interface is user-friendly with a focus on making video editing an accessible task for creators of all skill levels. I am intrigued by the prospect of automating traditional editing processes, such as adding b-rolls or trimming, with just a few clicks.

Jupiter’s appeal lies in its commitment to saving creators’ time and alleviating the stress of video production. I find that Jupiter aligns well with the current market standards, offering comprehensive solutions that are practical and efficient for a wide range of video content creators.

Company Insight

Presence on Social Platforms

  • Blog: Regular content updates demonstrating expertise in AI video editing solutions.
  • Twitter: Active engagement with follower base, sharing updates and tutorials on video editing techniques.
  • Instagram: Showcasing the capabilities of the software through visually appealing posts and stories.

Transparency of Founders

  • LinkedIn Profiles: The founders have made their professional profiles accessible, enhancing credibility and trust.
  • Company Mission: Aimed at saving creators’ time, stressing the importance of efficiency in video production.
  • Open Communication: Encouraging direct contact through social platforms, underlining a commitment to transparency and customer support.

Pricing Structure

License Tier 1

For those starting with Jupiter, License Tier 1 is priced at $49. It includes the following features and allowances:

  • 10 hours of audiogram video per month to enhance audio content visually.
  • 10 hours of AI video transcription per month, supporting efficient content production.
  • No Jupiter watermark to maintain brand integrity across all videos.

License Tier 2

License Tier 2 is available at $139, offering expanded resources suitable for more frequent content production:

  • Unlimited audiogram usage per month for podcasters and audio-focused creators.
  • Increased 50 hours of AI video transcription per month, catering to a higher volume of video content.
  • All the benefits of License Tier 1, including no watermarking, ensuring professional-looking videos.

License Tier 3

At $269, License Tier 3 is tailored towards heavy video content creators such as YouTubers or online coaches. This tier provides:

  • Unlimited audio production capabilities.
  • 100 hours of AI video transcription per month, which is beneficial for long-form video content creators.
  • All advantages from the previous tiers, including no watermarks for a professional finish.

All tiers provide access to 1080p HD video export, customizable templates, custom brand colors, watermarks, and the ability to auto-generate in 23 languages for subtitles, catering to a global audience. These features help in creating and editing videos with ease, saving time, and reducing the need for professional editing services.

Platform Interface

Upon logging into the platform, users will notice a clean and intuitive design. The dashboard features key areas:

  • Video Library: A repository for edited videos, which can be reviewed and managed efficiently.
  • Settings: Contains account details including email and subscription plan information.
  • Editing Tools: Accessible through a simple interface, enabling a variety of video edits with ease.

In terms of functionality, I can create captions in 23 different languages, which broadens the accessibility of the content to a global audience. Formatting options are robust, allowing me to export videos in square, vertical, or landscape formats. This versatility is vital for content tailored to platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

The pricing structure is transparent and provides options for different levels of usage:

License TierPriceFeatures
Tier 1$4910 hours of audiogram and AI transcription per month, no watermark
Tier 2$139Unlimited audiogram, 50 hours of AI transcription per month
Tier 3$269Unlimited audiogram, 100 hours of AI transcription per month

Additionally, users can utilize customizable templates, select brand colors, and include custom watermarks. The tool also generates subtitles and supports full HD video exports (1080p).

One remarkable aspect is the AI-driven features that facilitate a rapid video creation process. By automating traditional editing tasks such as adding vectors, b-rolls, and trimming, the platform can significantly reduce the time spent on video production.

The subscription model contrasts with normal daily pricing, where the starter plan is as low as $7 per month for 10 minutes of usage. Without the lifetime deal (LTD), the regular pricing for a video maker tool can reach $19 per month, a consideration for those comparing options like Descript, which I use regularly.

My personal insights as a content creator and user of similar editing tools like Descript reinforce the platform’s capability to streamline video editing. This positions the tool as an affordable and efficient solution for creators, course developers, and online coaches looking to produce quality video content without the hefty price tag of professional services.

Comparison With Other Tools

Comparing Jupiter to other tools in the market, I find that Jupiter stands out with its ability to create videos faster through autogenerated stock footage and captions. With 19 reviews reflecting a solid 4.0 rating, it’s evident that users are finding it valuable right from its launch. Competitively priced at $49 for its base license tier, it offers a cost-effective solution for content creators.

Jupiter’s capability to add captions in 23 languages and export videos in various formats, such as square, vertical, and landscape, makes it versatile for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. This breadth of formatting options is not only convenient but also essential for engaging with today’s diverse social media landscapes.

Key differences and features include:

  • Single-click stock footage: Generate relevant stock footage with a single click, which is more seamless than in other similar tools.
  • AI features: AI-driven tools are built-in for automating various aspects of video creation.
  • Editing capabilities: Traditional video editing processes like adding vectors, b-rolls, and trimming are reduced to a few clicks.
  • Customization: 1080 HD video export, customizable templates, custom brand colors, and watermarks are available.

In comparison to tools like Descript and Adobe Premiere which I have experience with, Jupiter serves as an alternative with distinct functionalities tailored to enhance productivity for content creators, course creators, and online coaches. What makes it particularly appealing is the absence of any watermark on the videos, which some other services may include in their base plans.

Platform insights:

  • Jupiter’s standard daily pricing starts at $0 for 10 minutes a month with a watermark, and ranges up to $19 a month. This pricing framework requires a careful comparison with Descript, which I use daily and only charge $15 a month for advanced features.

Reflecting on the sheer volume of 40,000 monthly visitors reveals that Jupiter is not only recognized but also established in the market. Their present on platforms like AppSumo shows a strategic approach to growth and customer acquisition.

My assessment:

  • For podcasters, License Tier 2 is preferable for unlimited audiograms.
  • Content creators focusing on long-form content such as YouTube videos may find License Tier 3 most beneficial.
  • AI video transcription is a valuable feature that, with Jupiter, offers a substantial 10 hours even at the lowest tier.

My intention is to thoroughly evaluate Jupiter, considering a comparison video with Descript based on its features and capabilities, providing a clear and direct experience-led viewpoint.

Content Creation Efficiency

Creating videos efficiently is crucial for content creators like myself. I found that using Jupiter elevates my productivity significantly. With an autogenerated stock footage feature, I can enhance my videos at the touch of a button, making them more engaging for platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Jupiter, an AI video editor, offers the ability to create captions in 23 languages and export videos in square, vertical, or landscape formats, catering to various social media requirements. Here are some of the features and benefits of using Jupiter:

  • Autogeneration of Stock Footage: Quickly create relevant visuals for videos, streamlining the content creation process.
  • Multiple Video Formats: Export videos in square, vertical, or landscape orientations, perfect for different social media platforms.
  • Caption Creation: Supports 23 languages, broadening the potential audience reach.
  • Time Efficiency: AI features automate traditional video editing tasks, reducing manual effort.

Appsumo Pricing

The pricing structure is tiered to suit different creator needs. The available license tiers and their offerings include:

  • License Tier 1: $49
    • 10 hours of audiogram video per month
    • 10 hours of AI video transcription per month
    • No Jupiter watermark
  • License Tier 2: $139
    • Unlimited audio
    • 50 hours of AI video transcription per month
  • License Tier 3: $269
    • Unlimited audio
    • Double the hours of AI video transcription compared to Tier 2
    • Aimed at YouTubers or those creating longer-form content

Beyond the license tiers, Jupiter’s daily pricing options offer flexibility for those with minimal editing needs. The platform provides:

  • Starter Plan: $7/month – Ideal for brief audiogram use
  • Creator Plan: $19/month – Gives more access, but competitors like Descript may offer more features for a lower price

With Jupiter, I aim to cut down on the time and expense typically associated with professional video editing. Tools like this are valuable for startups or individual creators who may not have the budget to spend hundreds on video production. By simplifying video editing to a few clicks, I can focus on content creation rather than time-consuming post-production processes.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of video creation, Jupiter stands out as a noteworthy tool that has captured attention quickly, evidenced by 19 reviews shortly after its launch. The promise of swift video creation, complemented by the seamless generation of stock footage and captions, underscores the platform’s appeal, particularly for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • With Jupiter, creating captions in 23 different languages and exporting videos in square, vertical, or landscape format is a breeze.
  • The tool’s capability to generate relevant stock footage with a single click sets it apart, potentially making videos more engaging with minimal effort.

As a content creator and a coach, Jupiter resonates with the urgency for efficient video production. Coupled with features akin to Descript, a tool I use daily, Jupiter provides a time-saving alternative to traditional video editing.

For content creators with varying demands, these pricing options offer flexibility without exorbitant costs. Creators can select a tier that best fits their needs, from podcasters likely finding value in Tier 2’s unlimited audiogram feature to YouTubers who may prefer Tier 3 for longer-form content due to its generous video transcription hours.

In my day-to-day use of Descript, Jupiter’s AI features present an exciting prospect, angling towards an intelligent video editing experience. While alternatives like Adobe Premiere or Synthesia may offer similar capabilities, the intuitiveness and streamlined workflow of Jupiter and Descript are indispensable for creators growing their brand or business without extensive budgets for professional editing.

Recognizing the essence of solving a pain point in software creation, Jupiter aims to alleviate the stress and time commitment tied to video editing. As a solution for startups or content creators, the tool embodies innovation that allows individuals to retain creative and editorial control without incurring the costs typically associated with professional video editing services.

In exploring the platform’s offering and testing its features, the potential to not only enhance current video production practices but to introduce new efficiencies emerges as a tangible benefit worth delving into.

David Mills

David Mills, the creator of LearnWire on YouTube since 2020, specializes in in-depth reviews of software, particularly those offering lifetime deals, distinguishing himself with a detailed, no-fluff approach that resonates with his 13k subscribers. His passion for software and AI tools, combined with a quarter-century of online work experience, underpins his authoritative presence in the software review space.

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