HelloScribe Review: Unlimited AI Copywriting and Blog Content (High Quality 97% Unique)

By David Mills •  Updated: 01/06/23 •  33 min read

I recommend this tool. It looks very similar to Copyai and looks promising. Also the content tested in Originality AI at 97% unique. Really cool!
Get it here, I recommend Tier 2:

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HelloScribe Review Introduction

 Welcome to Learn Wire. Today we’re going to be doing a HelloScribe review. This is an Ai content generator or AI writer. Of course, there are several of these. The last year, in 2022, I think that was the year of AI writing. It seems like probably 25% of the apps that came to AppSumo were AI content generators of some sort.

This one looks to be high quality, and well thought out. I haven’t used it yet, but I have logged in to a free trial. Test it out and we’ll see if I end up purchasing it. We don’t; I don’t need to purchase any more AI writers as I have a ton of them. But I know that some of you in the comments have asked for this review, so I’m bringing that for you guys.

And this looks like the offer ends in 13 days, and I usually just kind of caution when I say that the deal’s going away; there’s been a lot of, of these vendors that the deal goes away and then they stay on. They either, and sometimes they’ll change the price. Maybe they’ll make the price a little bit more, something like that.

But there’s no guarantee that it’s actually going away, but, We have to take notice at least that the deal looks like it’s ending in, in less than 13 days. So at the time of recording exactly 12 days and 14 hours, this is Hello Scribe instantly generate new ideas for pr marketing and ad campaigns with AI powered tools.

I believe they have an article generator as well. I actually might spend most of the time going with that because I know that is mostly what we use these for.

HelloScribe is an alternative to these softwares

They’re saying that their alternative is to Copyai and based on what I saw so far in just one of the tutorials or a couple of the tutorials, it does use more of a user interface related to Copyai.

Who is HelloScribe for?

So I think that they did a really good job at you know, labeling that as their alternative instead of just listing Jasper and listing all of them. It’s best for consultants, freelancers, and marketers. Interesting. It doesn’t say like content or bloggers or something like that.

I would probably add in that the tool is also great for bloggers and article writers. The tool will most likely be developed into having some 1 click article function in the future. 

We’ll see how heavy it is with the you know, the advertising and ads. I think that that’s what they focus on. But copy ai also. Firstly and foremost, Focuses on ad copy and copywriting. And then they started building out all the really nice blog features and blog writing as well. I haven’t watched that video.

HelloScribe Plans and Features

I usually watch them just to kinda get to know the software a little bit. You’re welcome to watch that and scroll through it. Just want to see okay, so here we are at the plans and features section. This is, looks like it’s a lifetime access to Hello Scribe. So it’s not an annual pass. That’s good.

That’s what we’re looking for is those lifetime deals where we can support the software. And then also, you know, have a huge advantage of not having to pay a monthly fee for these softwares. Looks like they have different plans all future maverick plan, tier one and squad plan tier two updates.

So if they in introduce a tier three or hire it doesn’t look like, you know, you won’t be guaranteed any of those upgrades. So when they come out with new upgrades of the software, if they put it into a tier that is not one of these two right here, then they’re not obligated to give those features out.

That’s just something you have to know going into it. Now I haven’t asked the, you know, the founder, if any major updates to the software. If licensed tier one and tier will get those. I’m assuming that they probably will. I also will be showing you the pricing, the everyday pricing on the website.

We will see how it stacks up against what their actual lifetime deal pricing is as well. Looks like it’s, they’re right out the gate at 25 languages, unlimited projects built-in templates all kinds of good stuff. All right, so we look at the license tier one pricing. It’s $79. You get one user all features above included, and 15,000 words generated per month.

Remember, this is specifically the lifetime pricing on Appsumo at the time of making this review.

That fits well with what most of the other copywriters are charging now. We’re seeing a lot of tier ones only giving out about 15,000 words. And the price range usually is between 49 and $79. So they’re a little bit at the high end on pricing for tier one and just for the fact that licensed tier two pricing at $199.

Gives you five users and unlimited words generated per month. That is crazy. And you’re also able to share, collaborate, upflow, and assign tests to your teammates. So this would be, you know, just one full content house right here. You can hire writers, give them access, give them SOPs, tell ’em exactly how you want them to use the software, and they could use the software.

To build out blog posts or build out your advertising, all your ads for Facebook and so forth. Right here, based on what I’m seeing, I definitely, think, if you’re going to pick up this tool, you’re gonna want to come in our license tier two. There’s just no reason to not spend just a little bit more a little over a hundred dollars more and you’re gonna get unlimited content.

You’re not gonna have to worry about running out. $79 is quite a bit for only 15,000 words, which you’re gonna run out pretty much with. So definitely strongly recommended it licensed tier two. Let’s get in here. Is the fan founder over here? Let’s see what they, they do have a lot about the company right there.

Not gonna read that, but right now it’s got some really good reviews. We’re looking at 43 reviews and it’s holding about a 4.9 5.0 Taco. Let’s go and check out the website real quick. Here’s Hello Scribe. I always like to do this. Just to see where they’re at in their business. And SimilarWeb is showing that their business is growing like crazy.

A lot of this a lot of the visitors or the traffic to their website is obviously going to be from AppSumo, giving them a big push. But right now they are at 45,000 visitors per month and better writing big bigger ideas. You can scroll through. Website looks legit. This image over here to the right, top right looks a little blurry.

HelloScribe Everyday Pricing on their Website (not the lifetime deal pricing)

You know, I’m not just, just out of, I guess, critiquing it’s a little blurry. Maybe they need to see if they can kind of crisp that up. But let’s go and check out the pricing, which is probably the most important part. Pricing. Here we go. So they have the Explorer pricing. Is, looks like it’s a free trial.

Then you have Maverick at $39 if you pay annually and 1 25 for squad, for unlimited runs. Both, both of those plants have unlimited runs. It’s really about how many users you have. So really, I mean, this right here, Paying $125 a month, and that’s the discount. I mean, you can already see the value of just picking up the lifetime deal.

What is it? Monthly? We’re at 1 49 a month. Unlimited. So both their plans, they’re not gonna, they’re, you get unlimited plans, but are you a single user or do you have multiple team members? That’s the big separation factor between Maverick and squads. So if you’re solo, then you’re only gonna be need to pay $49 a month if you buy the annual 39.

HelloScribe Demo

So a really, really good pricing. Let’s go check out the software now. So we’re inside the software and what I like to see is that they throw a a tutorial at you right away, and they did. And their tutorials are based on about 30 seconds a piece. So that’s just kind of a, a little strategy of theirs.

Really short form content, really just teaching you one thing at a time. Getting you familiar with the software. I’m gonna exit out of that and I wanna show you their YouTube channel. Hello, scribe, rev up Your creative engine. And they have several videos right here that are tutorials. So this already shows me the quality of the company that they are aware that they should have tutorial videos and they’re taking the time to go out and actually have these, and they’re fresh from only a month ago.

So they’re teaching you all the different things. So, Most of what you’re looking for to do with the software, they, they have a re, they have a mini tutorial for you on that and that’ll help them out as well, not have so many support questions and tickets. Right. So really, really good stuff. We’ll go back into Hello Scribe right here.

You can create a new project and you would just label it whatever website or anything like that. We don’t have to do that. I’m not gonna do that. For testing purposes right now we can come through over here and here’s all the tools you can minimize or maximize, and you have brainstorm. You have brand message copywriter, pro correspondence, first draft writer.

So looks like if we look through here, I don’t see one that says article. And when we come back over here and look at the image at the very top over here, you can see that there is something right there that says Article and brainstorm. So it looks like they’ve changed of the tools and the way that they’re titling their tools quite a bit.

HelloScribe first draft article writer

And it looks like they want, I’m gonna just right out of the gate if we have time, I’ll go and look through of this other, these other ones are over here. But I am gonna go to the first draft writer. And then they’re giving you a heads up. Please verify dates, names, statistics and events before publishing.

And that’s exactly what we should be doing with using AI anyways, right? So here we are compose research hub. We can go and use this research hub over here assigned status in progress completed, so you can actually use that. To work with your team as well. That’s pretty cool. Let’s see, right over here.

So I’ll write an outline for an article about, so this is where we’re gonna say that we want them to write something. I’m gonna go in here and we’re gonna use CO2 D. This is a lifetime keyword research tool and SEO tool I picked up in 2022. And I’m gonna be using this a little bit more. Because I actually used logged into it and you did some keyword research the other day and I was actually impressed with the key, the amount of keywords that it was bringing back.

So we’re gonna come through here and I’m just gonna say, make money with, and, you know, I apologize. This is the niche that I’m actually in, and that’s the main reason why I am using this niche or these key words. I, you know, I’m not gonna be. A lot of times I’ll do camping or I’ll, you know, come up with some different ideas.

I try to, you know, spread it out. But right here I’m also kind of doing this research to see how this will react to the niche that I’m actually in. So we’re gonna be using the Make money on Wayne Niche. And it’s also a nice case study site, realistic pay that I actually show you guys and I rank this content and everything, so it just makes sense.

Make money with, I’m gonna go ahead and push search keyword words. It’s gonna pull back 11,000 keywords. That’s really, really cool. And then what we can do is we can go to, now they still, I need to reach out to Cod D because I don’t like their presets. They haven’t done anything with their presets right over here.

So you’ve gotta go to the filter section. We’ve gotta go to K I’m gonna go less than we’re gonna go 30. Save. So then now we’re looking at all these keywords. Then you can come down here. There’s just kind of a lot of clicks you have to do in order to kind of set it up the way that you want. But we’re gonna look at a hundred keywords at a time, and we’ll come through here.

All right, so you have all these keywords, all the search volume. This is exactly what you’re looking for with keyword research. Here’s one. Can you make money with a metal detector? All right, so let’s go with that one. So that’s the keyword we’re gonna select right here. I’m gonna go ahead and copy that.

Then we’re gonna go back over to Hello Scribe. I’m gonna say write a full let’s, I don’t know how specific we want to be. Write a 1000-word blog post about it, and then we put that in there. And then I’m just gonna say generate. We’re gonna see what ends up happening. I’m thinking that I might have needed to write the outline first because you can see over here it’s really a light-colored text.

It says to add your outline and then you can highlight the section and then expand on it. So we’ll try that in a sec as well. I don’t think that it did a thousand words for us, but we can go control a. Nope, that didn’t work. Just gonna come through here. I’m gonna copy that for fun. I’m gonna piece this into Word and it wrote 189 words for us.

It gave us an introduction. Describe, and explain. Okay. So maybe that’s not the best way. It did summarize at the very end, but we’re gonna try something a little bit different. Let’s. Actually, let’s push the next button. Hmm. Not really sure what these back and next are, but what we’re gonna do is we’re going to, I’m gonna get out of that.

It’s a little confusing on how to use this part right here. So that’s the, that’s the outline button. Okay. Write an outline about and generate. Okay. So it should be giving us an outline now, and I think that this is the way that we probably needed to be using it. Okay, so I’m not really sure. See results, we’re seeing the results add to document.

Okay. So when you push add to document and it does go ahead and break that out, so I like that. Okay, so we have our introduction. What is metal detecting? Explain what metal detecting is and how it works. Describe the different types. Discuss the various method for locating metal. Introduce the potential for making money with a, and that’s exactly what we wanted to write about.

So there you go. Researching for profitable fines. Discover the importance of researching before going out to detect metals. Overall, this broke it down really well. And then it also gives us the pros and cons of making money with a metal detector outline. So it really gives us a nice full length outline.

So let’s see what we can do further with this. Before we do that, let’s go say over here, there’s a, there’s a saved note section. You can click that and you can actually come over here. Looks like we can save notes and it will come over to here. That’s cool. I’m not sure if they have a chat or a help section.

It looks like their help and tutorials are right here. I’m gonna right click we’ll go back to that in a minute. Okay. So what do you do from here? Okay, so introduction. What is metal detecting? I’m gonna highlight that. And then let’s just say expand, rewrite, continue. I’m not really sure what continue is.

Maybe that’s just continuous sentence. And it just will end the sentence, but right here we’re gonna expand on. Is metal detecting and let’s see if it’s writing for us or not, or did we not select enough text? Okay, so it did do that for us. Okay. So metal detecting is an activity where participants use electronic devices offered, referred to us as blah, blah, blah.

Okay. So metal detecting can provide insight into historic events. So then now we’re on this next section. So that’s our introduction is huge. So then you’ll come over here and you’ll just kind of space that out. Format it the best you can. It’s not in any formatting, so you are gonna need to go into, like right here.

We’re gonna go introduction. What protecting something like that.

Maybe put a question mark and then right here we would highlight that. And I wanna make this a heading an H tube. Okay. So you’re gonna spend some time formatting, but overall, so far, that looks like some pretty good content that it produced for us. I’m not really sure why there is a, like a hyphen right here.

Okay, so now what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and space these out because these. The like miniature topics that we want to go into. So I would say that this right here is going to be an H two, no undo push return. Try that again. Try to format it so I don’t get confused. And then these right here would actually be.

Like your H three s. Now let’s just see if that’s kind of how we would use it. So explain what metal detecting is and how it works. I think we already kind of did that up here. But for just demonstration purposes, we’re gonna go ahead and expand on that. And nothing really happens. There’s no like dial that says that they’re doing that, it’s doing anything, but you can see how it’s kind of grayed out right there.

And then looks like it made the whole thing That’s interesting. Okay, so we’re gonna go through right here and make this an h normal text. I don’t know what that H3 actually was because it takes it away. So what that tells me is that see this H three right here, you actually need to copy this and you need to come down and paste it one more time and then highlight, and then push, expand.

That way we don’t hopefully lose our age. Three, describe the different types of metal detectors. A. Yeah, so we still have our H three. That’s good. So I mean initial impression is that it’s giving us some good content. Let’s see, I need to come back up here. But the formatting, you know, obviously there’s other tools that do all this for us within like one click, even copy ai, you push one click and it comes with an entire high quality.

Blog post that is already fully formatted. So if you’re looking at speed, this is not gonna be the speed production. AI writer there’s a lot more of other ones that just in one go, just do it all for you. But you know, in its defense, it looks like it has some really good content. . And I do think that there’s a lot of promise for this.

And I think that there’s room for for improvement in the way that we are even just, you know, just the workflow in general. Overall, so this is what you would do. You’d spend some time in here and you would you know, and then, and in some cases you could argue that this is probably the way that we should be doing.

Writing with ai anyways, we should be we should almost be forced to spend more time writing the material and so we can actually see what it’s doing for us. And that might be a good thing, right? So then we can actually read it and take a little bit more time. It does write, once you push the expand button, it writes pretty quickly.

So then you would just come up here and you would hit that, you’d go H three right there, and then you would just fix the formatting up like that, like, so I’d probably put a return right there and so forth. So you have all this content right here. Just for fun. Let’s go and copy this content. Just for fun, we will go into origin.

And we’ll just see what it, what it says about the content over here. We will do a new scan. We will just, I guess we’ll leave the plagiarism on since I haven’t used the software before. Let’s see here. Hmm, that’s interesting. I’ve already ran out of credits. I don’t think I’ve used this software that much.

How well does HelloScribe stack up on Originality AI for AI content detection

So that tells me that originality ai, it is a little pricey. You know, it shouldn’t be, it probably shouldn’t be used. Like it should be used like I’m doing, like testing different softwares out. And then once you’ve. Kind of build a trust on it, then you would use this. I put in $20 on here to start out and I’ve only used it probably maybe 20 times or so.

So it can get pretty pricey, I guess. I’m gonna go and add some more funds to my account and we’ll test this out. Okay, I take back everything that I just said. I do have a lot of credits left, 1,650 credits to be exact. You can see all the different scans that I’ve done, a lot of testing. I just had to log out and then log back in for some reason.

So we’re gonna go back over here to the dashboard and we’re gonna go to new content scan. And I’m gonna go ahead and paste all that content in there. And push scan now and we’ll check for plagiarism and ai. 97% original. Okay, so that’s crazy. 3% AI and three, only 3% plagiarism. So how in the world is this getting a 97% original score?

That is ridiculous. That is very intriguing because this is what we are. Actually and you know, that, that, that tells me a lot of different things. It tells me that they may not be using you know, chat sorry, G P T three to G P T J or Neo cuz this is what it uses to test. It’s like fully able to test these right here.

If it’s not using that, then it’s gonna become with a 97% score. But then that opens up a whole nother discussion on, well, whatever hello Scribe is using. It doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t have its own detectors that can easily detect it as well. Right? This is just one tool, right. originality.ai that has been built to detect this.

But if the tool is not using these sources right here, it’s probably gonna come off as original content, right? And, but, but like I said, it doesn’t mean that Google is not able to detect, technically detect if it’s AI or not, but certainly this is definitely intriguing since we’ve already let me go and open the document up and we could add this in right here.

And I want to do more tests. So we’re gonna, actually, this is just the original test right here, but I’m gonna actually do more testing so we can kind of like do like. You know, I’ve tested each one 10 times and this is what its average score is, right? I know it’s not fair to just test one time, but for now this is pretty crazy.

It says 97%. And what is that? It’s, I guess it’s gonna be. 3%. That’s just crazy. But you can see that we’ve tested all these other ones with originality and I did more tests with copy ai, and it didn’t al it didn’t always come up with that. Right. So that’s why I wanna do some more tests right here.

I’m actually going to try to do one more test right here, but I need us to say that’s extremely. Pretty impressive considering that all these other excellent software right here test extremely low. Okay, so back to Hello Scribe. I think we’ll save this and come back. Just reading through this and stuff, this is very intriguing considering that you can get tier two and actually get unlimited content to Hello Scribe.

So, so far, very impressive. It’s the content reads well. Doesn’t necessarily read better than, you know, copy AI or other tools. But it’s certainly doing something different, being that it is passing a 97% originality score. So that’s cool. Alright. I went in full depth into the first draft writer.

There’s gonna be a lot of other stuff. I don’t know if I can see if I can just kind of dive into each one quick. So brainstorm unlimited blog post ideas. Let’s do that one

just while I’m on this subject. It’s too short. Okay. What kind of idea would you like? Okay. And we’re gonna say generate. So overall, the ui, I, I, I like it. It’s very much like copy ai, the way that it displays and so forth. So right here, we have five ideas to make money online. This po this post provides five ideas to make money online. These include selling products through e. E-commerce store, creating digital products, setting up an, this gives you a million ideas cuz then you can go to the next one and read through what it gets.

It’s gonna give you a ton of ideas on, and then you can use this content to make blog posts. You can use this content to make YouTube videos, all kinds of good stuff. So excellent stuff. I would spend more time on all these, but I will try to speed through some of these. Brand message. This is cool brand positioning; what would you like to create?

And then it says, write a brand position for a new productivity tool. So it’s gonna take you on a marketing journey. I’m gonna go ahead and move through this one, but this would is definitely like a separator. I don’t wanna spend time in the review on that Copywriter Pro ad headline.

You can go ’em through here and look at this audio script Amazon ad, Google ad copy, freestyle Facebook ad, big idea billboard ad microcopy. So this is where it gets into extremely this, this tool is very much built with advertising copy first and foremost. And then they’re gonna add all the other great features on top of that, like blog blogging.

HelloScribe additional modules and features

So really, really good stuff. Let’s go Facebook ad for.

Something like that, and let’s say tone. We can say upbeat, edgy.

And push generate. So, so far, just using the tool, it’s fun to use tool. The UI is great. It, it reminds me very much of copy ai and it seems to be a, a very high quality, so pretty impressive so far. Let’s try to work our, work our way through some of more of these tools. I know that the review is getting along, but I know most of you that’s why you subscribe to Learn Wire, are the long-form content and the extremely in-depth reviews.

I don’t just put all this into an eight-minute review and then tell you go purchase the software. Cause it’s amazing. I’m showing you what it’s like to log in and try to use the software. Any things that stand out that you know, might be a. Thing for the software or things that they need to improve and all the good stuff, right?

So if you are new to Learn wire, hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you can get more review videos like this. And if this video’s ringing in quality to you, that’d be cool if you could hit that like button. Thank you, guys. So, it looks like it might be timing out on this. I will try one more time, and I’ll be right back.

Okay, perfect. So it worked that time, and it refreshed really quickly actually. So it’s writing a really, really good ad. Obviously, I would not be able to put this ad on here, and you know, any promises of making $10,000 a month or anything like that, so I wouldn’t be able to put this on Facebook, but this just shows you the kind of ad copy that it could do for you.

You could tot to create similar for you. You can copy this and do something with it, or you can save it to notes. We saved that to our notes, and I wanted to show this feature. Come over here, and then now you have all this. So they’ve really thought of all the different things that, I mean, this is something that I would, that I’ve been annoyed that other software doesn’t have, like a bit of notepad within the software.

So I really like that they’ve added that feature. You just left-click to go off. Really cool stuff right there. So the Copywriter Pro each one of these tools, I think that they said they have over 80 tools to choose from. Now, even though they only have like 10 right here, each one of this inside of it has several dozen right here of different, I mean, they even have TV ad copy right here, tagline, product description, print and concept.

Really awesome stuff right there. So definitely, if you’re a copywriter or you run ads, this tool is for. Correspondence right here. This would be, so a perfect email, a memo letter, a media statement, a press release, public apology. Call script. This is definitely business driven. Ask me anything. Email sequence.

So you have an email sequence right here, and we could go, what do you want to write about? Let’s stick with the same theme.

Okay. So this is an UL sequence. I put this, I’m actually gonna copy this for fun. I don’t think you can actually Manually. Yeah, you can’t actually. Yeah. I’m gonna put that in right there. That’s cool. Safe. And we’re gonna say generate, so this is, I don’t know if this is just gonna create one email for us or multiple emails, but we will see what it does.

I will point out that I’m impressed with the content they’re giving a free trial. So that’s really cool if you guys choose to go on and try a free trial. If you end up going back to AppSumo, that would be really cool if you went back to my video and clicked on my affiliate link if I brought you any value.

In this review, that would be greatly appreciated. You’re gonna want to, what I do guys, is I actually have used two email addresses. If I sign up to a free trial, I actually will use my like learn wire reviews email account. When I go to actually purchase the software on App Sumo, I actually will use my personal email and I’ll, and I’ll sign up there.

So you want to use two different emails so you don’t have any confusion or anything like that. So that’s when you can actually take your free trial account, then you can go back to AppSumo or go back to my video, click on the affiliate link, and then go back in and sign up with a new email address. And that’s gonna be the easiest way to do that.

So what this did was it actually did create S3 emails. Are you struggling to make money online? Right here. Hey Name are you struggling to make money online? Sure, there are plenty of tutorials and courses out there, but a few of them actually show you step by step how to make real money.

That’s why I created Affiliate Profits Academy, my new course that helps you get on the path to success, making money online. With this course, I’ll show you over the shoulder how I make 10 K per month consistently using free traffic from YouTube during the course launch. That is perfect. Ready to make some extra cash.

HelloScribe email sequence module

Some easy cash. Are you tired of? And then it just goes into, and it just reinforces that, right? So it gives you three emails, really simple, short and sweet as well. You don’t want emails to be any longer than that. People aren’t going to stick around and read ’em anyways, so I think that’s really, really cool right there.

We already did the first draft. I would like to spend more time using the, writer and this, that’s actually pretty cool. First kind of time that I’ve seen that from these AI writers is that this is a fir, they’re just saying it’s a first draft. They’re not telling you that it’s ready to. And so that, that’s cool.

Creative writing. So we only went through half these tools, guys. I mean, man, this could take 20 more minutes. We have storyteller blurb, character sketch, and create a creative rationale outline log. I don’t even know what some of these things are. Logline novel first page plot summary. So this one’s gonna be your creative to write stories.

Wow, super cool stuff. That whole section right there is for creative writing and fictional writing. Headline, genius. Article, headlines, book titles, buzzwords, email, subject lines. Okay, so it is pretty cool that they’ve come up with some stuff I haven’t seen on any other AI writers. You’ve got your media pitch right here.

Question generator interview question, research question, survey question. You can put in what you wanna talk about and it’s gonna go and create some different questions, quote maker what is this? What sort of quote would you like a quote about the importance of lifelong learning? And that’s gonna give us a quote.

I’m gonna put that in and we can put uplifting, persuasive we can put people’s names in there and so forth. And then it’s gonna give us a quote, and it’s not a quote by anybody. These can be basically you saying that the quote as, as yourself. That’s pretty cool. Social media right here.

Caption generator. You’ve got LinkedIn Cora answers, social post video descriptions, LinkedIn Writers Toolkit, blog introduction blog, bullet points, article outline. So here is that kit that we would wanna spend more time in. You guys, if you made it this far in the video. Drop a comment if you will say, I watched the whole thing.

And also say, Hey, I make another video just on the writer’s toolkit. You can comment below and say, writer’s toolkit. I’ll know what you mean. And that means that I need to make another video. And the entire video will be on the writer’s toolkit right here. And I’ll be going over all these tools right here.

There’s just way too many tools, over 80 tools to show you in this review. It’s already a 30 minute review so I’m gonna have to move forward. But some really impressive things. The 97% original copy right there. And then you can actually get licensed tier two for Hello Scribe for only $199.

This is gonna be one of those ones where I think I’m going to have to purchase this one. I was impressed enough by the software right out of the gates. It’s fully loaded with over 80 tools. You’re getting unlimited content and it’s impressively passing. 97% score on the AI detection score.

So based on just a testing the ui, everything about it this could be you know, the next kind of copy ai. I do think of at the end of the day, like the workflow to create a blog post in other AI generators, especially copy ai. This isn’t even close to that but certainly very impressive.

It passes the sniff test. This is a, a good software I can definitely, highly recommend. Picking up. Hello Scribe. I do recommend picking up licensed tier two at one 90. You know, if, if me testing this software in front of you you know, does the trick for you, you may as well go pick it up.

There’ll be a link below. If you wanna go click on the link, go straight over to AppSumo and pick up your license tier too. That would be cool. Then you can get, be on your way and you get you know, a full, like 60 day money back guarantee with AppSumo. That’s why it’s so cool. Awesome to purchase products on AppSu because they have such a great refund policy with no questions asked.

We have this right over here, unlimited words for 1 99. That’s pretty darn cool. I actually think that that’s even cheaper now than you could even get word hero because they, they charge you for the long form content editor. So very happy with this. I highly, highly recommend it. Hello Scribe. Hope you guys enjoyed this HelloScribe Review.

I’ll see you in the next Review.

David Mills

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