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By David Mills •  Updated: 01/20/23 •  8 min read
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If you are a course creator, product creator, or book creator, then this tool can be super helpful. Check it out; it’s currently at a lifetime, one-time price.

Are you looking for a tool to help you validate and create compelling original online courses, books, or how-to content in record time? Look no further than! This data-mining platform is designed to help content creators discover, score, and create multiple winning course/content topics. Features offers a variety of features that make it an invaluable tool for content creators. With the ability to search a database of over 211,000+ online courses across 10 of the world’s largest learning platforms, you can easily validate your course or content ideas with just a few clicks. You can also use the platform’s scoring system to determine which topics are most likely to be successful before investing time and money into creating them. Additionally, Eurekaa offers multiple tools all within one platform so you don’t have to switch between different programs while researching and creating your content. Review Benefits

The benefits of using Eurekaa are numerous. Not only does it save you time by allowing you to search through thousands of courses quickly and easily, but it also helps ensure that your content is high quality by providing detailed scoring metrics on each topic. Furthermore, since all the tools are available within one platform, there’s no need to switch back and forth between different programs while researching and creating your content – making the process much more efficient and streamlined. Quality

The quality of Eurekaa’s services is top-notch – from its user-friendly interface to its comprehensive database of courses from around the world. The platform is designed with both experienced content creators as well as those new to the field in mind – making it easy for anyone to use regardless of their level of expertise. Additionally, Eurekaa’s scoring system provides detailed metrics on each topic so users can make informed decisions about which ones are most likely to be successful before investing time and money into creating them. Speed

Eurekaa is incredibly fast – allowing users to search through thousands of courses in record time thanks to its powerful search engine algorithms. Additionally, since all the tools are available within one platform there’s no need to switch back and forth between different programs while researching and creating your content – making the process much more efficient and streamlined than ever before! Support

Eurekaa offers excellent customer support via email as well as live chat during business hours (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST). The team is always happy to answer any questions or concerns users may have about their services or products – ensuring that everyone gets the help they need when they need it most! Pricing

Eurekaa has different pricing plans that start at $19.99 per month, $58.00 per month for Enterprise, or $97.00 for a year. These plans include extras like unlimited searches each month and discounts on other products and services from Eurekaa partners. Whatever plan you choose, you can rest assured that all plans include excellent customer service!

It has some really, really good reviews on AppSumo, but you do have to be a plus-exclusive member of the site to get it. I could go to Google’s pull up some charts, but it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and it just continues to grow, grow, and grow. Because we are, you know, in the information and technology and AI age where you know, the more you know and the more you learn the, you know, more successful you’re going to be with your career.  Welcome to Learn Wire.  But nonetheless, this is Eureka and I’ve already spent a couple of hours yesterday.  This is Eureka io. Review

When you sign up for the AppSumo plan I think you save you know, you save some money. And they did get the number two product of the day on product hunt at some point. They’ve helped research, I believe 211,000 courses, or maybe that’s what they have in their database 113.  So yeah, that’s why he, they use Google.  There are 10 different platforms that the software’s going out and doing research and I’m not sure why these kinds of images are, you know, having a hard time right there.

Inside of Chrome, I don’t know if that happens for you or not, but not a big deal. When you find a course that looks interesting, it has the stats that you’re looking for, right? Like right here, 1.3 million, estimated 72,000 students averaging a 4.6, and it tells you what the average price is. And then we’re just gonna push apply and you can see well, we’ll talk about the number in a minute. Udemy’s gonna be king for sure.

So I’m gonna take away Skillshare because Skillshare operates on a completely different model. That’s why you’re seeing all these really low-duration courses because people pay just one time per year to get into Skillshare. You’re gonna get an opportunity score right here, zero to a hundred. So it’s basically saying that, yeah, there are a lot of courses, 4,000, but they have a, a unique formula that they’re able to go out and see if there’s still room for another course, even if it’s competitive or not. Platforms different niches.

These are micro-niches, and sub-nitches inside of marketing, right?  That’s why Eureka has done something really, really special. That it is basically saying that there are about 201 courses that you, that you’re actually really competing with Instagram marketing on these platforms.  There are a lot of courses, so you’re gonna wanna find the ones that are sub-niche and break them down. Right over here, it says demand is good. Check your u uniqueness and total student count in the summary.

Dev and I don’t copy, but you do get kind of a blueprint right here if you will. You can copy this and go put it in a notepad or anything like that. Once you start really adding a bunch of courses in here, you might need to start you know, coming up with a tagging. You can build out your courses based on the research that you do. For Python network programming, we’re gonna push search.

And this does use, you get 30 keyword searches a month and then it refreshes. But you can also buy packs for like $9 for like 90. You should always have at least a main keyword phrase in your course that people are gonna be able to find your course on Google and search engines and so forth. So here we have this keyword phrase right here that is not even being used and it has more search traffic than other courses that we’ve seen. This could be an opportunity as well.

There was another one that I found where this will turn blue and it will actually say blue ocean right here. You can go to any one of these tools and see what’s selling right now. It takes us right over to Google Books.  It is 11 hours long and on YouTube Academy, right?  The software gives you access to almost the whole book inside of Eureka.

If you’re a course creator, product creator, Or even a book creator, this is perfect for you. I realize that this is definitely not you know, this is, might not even be useful if you’re just a full-time blogger but you can certainly use this for brainstorming probably to get YouTube video ideas and blog post ideas as well.   And then you can go and pick up Eureka. 


Overall, Eurekaa is an invaluable tool for any content creator looking for a way to quickly validate their ideas or create compelling original online courses in record time! With its powerful search engine algorithms, comprehensive database of courses from around the world, detailed scoring metrics on each topic, user-friendly interface, excellent customer support team – plus several affordable pricing plans – there’s no doubt that this data-mining platform will become an essential part of any content creator’s arsenal!

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