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By David Mills •  Updated: 06/05/24 •  5 min read


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Docanalyzer Intro

Today, we’re diving into Docanalyzer AI, a powerful tool that lets you turn your documents into interactive chats and quickly analyze info using AI. This reminds me a bit of Google Notebook LM, so if you’re familiar with that, you might find Docanalyzer AI interesting as an alternative.

What is Docanalyzer AI?

Docanalyzer AI is essentially a platform where you can upload various documents, and the software will analyze them, allowing you to have conversations with your docs. Think of ChatGPT, but with more control over your input and document library. You can ask different questions and get insights from your specific set of documents. A great feature for anyone needing a tool like Notebook LM but looking for something a bit different.

Features Overview

Docanalyzer AI boasts a 4.6-star rating from 13 reviews, so it’s off to a promising start. Here’s a quick glance at what it offers:

  • 100 MB per document: Ideal for moderately sized documents, but for anything larger, you might need to compress your files first.
  • Unlimited daily uploads: Keep adding documents without worrying about limits.
  • Tiered pricing plans: Offers flexibility based on your needs.

Pricing Plans

Let’s jump straight into the pricing because it’s always good to know what you’ll be investing in:

License Tier 1

  • Price: $39
  • Features:
- 250 chat API credits per month
- 10GB of storage
- 5000 questions per month
- 300 multi-document chat page limits

License Tier 2

  • Price: $109
  • Features:
- 2000 chat API credits per month
- 50GB of storage
- Unlimited questions per month
- Unlimited multi-document chats per month

“If you’re all in and see yourself using this tool a lot in your business, then License Tier 2 might be the way to go.” – Learnwire

Use Cases and Applications for Docanalyzer ai

Here’s where Docanalyzer AI shines, offering versatility across various fields. Here are some examples:

  • Government and Public Services
  • Real Estate and Property Management
  • Healthcare and Medical Insurance
  • Banking and Finance
  • Legal Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Academic Research

These are just a few sectors where this tool can be incredibly beneficial. But it doesn’t stop here; it can easily adapt to other uses, including SEO and blogging, which piques my interest the most.

Hands-On with Docanalyzer AI

So, I decided to get hands-on with Docanalyzer AI to see what it could do for me.

Initial Impressions

When you first log in, you’re greeted with a clean and straightforward layout. You’ll see a large button to upload and analyze documents, which is great because it lets you dive right in.

Settings and Features

Before we upload any documents, let’s check out some features:

  • Experimental Features: Opt-in to explore cutting-edge functionalities.
  • API Keys: Power up your workflow with advanced API functionalities (Note that these are available for paying customers).
  • Labels and Organization: Create different labels to manage your documents better.

Uploading Documents

I’ve downloaded several PDFs related to marketing and SEO to see how it handles bulk uploads. Here’s what I did:

  1. Upload Limitations: Initially, I tried uploading seven PDFs, but it only allowed two at a time.
  2. Free Plan Restrictions: The free plan is limited, prompting you to upgrade pretty quickly if you want more functionality.

Get Docanalyzer here:

Putting Docanalyzer AI to the Test

Analyzing Single Documents

Once uploaded, analyzing single documents is straightforward. I uploaded a PDF on Pinterest marketing and asked:

“Give me the top 3 tips in this Pinterest book.”

The response included useful tips and even cited the pages they came from. This is a fantastic feature for quickly finding detailed insights.

Multi-Document Chats

This is where things get interesting. You can label documents and chat with multiple documents at once. Here’s how I tested it:

  1. Create a Label: I labeled all my PDFs as “article one.”
  2. Chat Functionality: You can ask comprehensive questions across all labeled documents. For example, I asked for an outline on setting up an affiliate site with Pinterest traffic.

The tool provided a detailed outline, which is perfect for content creators and researchers.

“Imagine having all your HR documentation uploaded and being able to find specific policies instantly! This could be a game-changer for many industries.” – Learnwire

Final Thoughts and Rating for Docanalyzer AI

I decided to go with the License Tier 1 for my needs, but if you manage multiple brands or have a larger team, upgrading to Tier 2 would be a smart move. Here’s my overall take:


  • Easy to Use: Minimal learning curve.
  • Versatile: Can be used across different industries.
  • Detailed Responses: Provides specific page numbers for reference.


  • Limited to PDFs: Currently, it only works with PDF documents.
  • Article Writing Limitation: Struggles a bit with generating complete articles from multiple documents.


I’d rate Docanalyzer AI a solid 4.5 out of 5. It loses a half-point for its limitations on document types and slight struggles in creating full articles directly. But overall, it’s a robust tool that can simplify document management and analysis in a big way.

Get Started with Docanalyzer AI

If you’re interested in trying out Docanalyzer AI, you can learn more and sign up here.

“With its user-friendly interface and powerful AI capabilities, Docanalyzer AI could be the document management tool you’ve been looking for.” – Learnwire

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next review!

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