10 Best AI Software Tools for Website Optimization

By David Mills •  Updated: 02/28/23 •  18 min read

Thanks for watching my roundup of the 10 best AI software tools for website optimization. Some of the tools mentioned that I have experience using in my business are below. You are welcome to check them out.


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Alright, welcome back to Learn Wire! In this video, I’m going to be discussing the 10 best AI software tools for website optimization. Now, a couple of things. Obviously, this is not a complete list. There are more optimization tools, and keep in mind that you can place them in any order that you want.

This is just kind of based on my research. I actually haven’t used all of these tools, but based on my research, I’m definitely very confident in the top three that I’ve placed. based on my experience and knowledge in the SEO space and creating content. As far as all the rest of them go, you know, you could shuffle them any way you want, but they definitely are the most popular ones that I have found in my research.


Okay, so let’s go ahead and get started. So coming in at number 10, we’ve got content pace. This is an application that did launch on a couple of different platforms; I think it actually had a different name. What was it? Post Pace, I believe, was the name. And then they changed their name to Content Pace recently—I believe, in the last six months.

And I believe that they launched in a couple of different areas. Sites that you know offer lifetime deals. They ended up on AppSumo, and that’s probably where they got kind of popular. Definitely. I think that this one is definitely good for creating content briefs; it’s one of my favorite tools to use.

In fact, one of my writers will be trained for a website where I have three full-time staff writers.  And what we’ve done is take one of the writers and turn him into a full-time content manager, if you will. And they’re in charge of all the publishing and editing of the content.

And they’re going to be in charge of creating content briefs, too. And I’m trusting the content pace with creating the content briefs because I’ve gotten really good results with being able to get a bunch of different information. I think the content pace is one of the best tools for you.

Get started and create a really nice article brief, and then you can use your AI tools to go and create that content, write it yourself, or outsource it. In my case, for that particular website, we’ll be outsourcing it to human writers. So ContentPace devoid deserves to be in the top 10 right now.


As far as the optimization goes, it does fall a little bit short in my opinion based on what you see right here in the picture right here. It can just be that some of the scores do not match up with what they say on a different page, and then you click on it and come in here, and then the score will be different.

And then it’s just a little less user-friendly when you start getting into optimization. But nonetheless, this is a pretty good tool. Definitely, you can get great content briefs, which you can then also utilize as a tool to do content audits and then go ahead and optimize your content as well.


So we’ll move on to number nine. And I put a Squirrly SEO in here. I think it just has more advanced features. This is a tool, a WordPress plugin, that has been around for a really long time. And when you think of like Rank Math, Yost that kind of plugins, this one is like that, but they take it to another level when it comes to optimizing your content and so forth.

Squirrly SEO

And so Squirrly SEO, I think. Deserves to be on the list. And, but I don’t think that it deserves to be really high on the list as one of the best ones. I, think it’s a solid tool. I don’t personally use this daily in my business. I do use content pace but Squirrly SEO is definitely one of those tools to look at as well.


So we’ll come over here. RankMath. This absolutely must be included. As far as content optimization now. You’re going to see—I don’t believe I have Yost on here. So why did I put rank math on here? is because there is a section when you install the plugin.


That way, especially if you get the pro version, you’ll be able to completely optimize your content. Inside WordPress, based on all of rank math’s suggestions, I think that a lot of people use RankMath to optimize their content once it’s in WordPress. So I think that this one definitely deserves to be in the top 10.


I’m going to move on to number seven. This one is if you’ve, you know, if you’re familiar with AppSumo and some of the product reviews that I did in 2022, then you would probably know that I did a review on Robinize. And so this tool was really, really easy and simple to use.

It was one of my favorite user interfaces when it comes to an optimization, or content optimization tool. And so Robinize and I definitely, I think deserve to be you know, at number seven right now. And I think this is a great tool. I try to wait and see if they’ll ever come back and offer a lifetime deal to try to pick it up.


And I would probably go all in on the Robinize Lifetime deal, but I haven’t seen them back on the platform in about five or six months. So you can go check out Robinize, and if you’re looking for a nice, easy to use this is probably if I had to say for usability. Ease of use. And for a beginner kind of getting into this, this is definitely going to be one of the best tools for just ease of use and user interface.


So we’ll keep moving. Number six, I’ve got MarketUse on here with my research. This is a powerhouse-packed tool, and it’s a serious tool. The beginner plan actually costs more than Semrush and Ahfs. So this is going to be a more enterprise-level tool. But this does everything that you would need it to do.

It does keyword research for you, and it does it in such a way that it actually takes your website and compares it to the keywords that you’re researching and actually gives you a unique probability of ranking based on the niche of your website and the authority of your website. It looks at the backlink profile and then also the keyword difficulty in general, and it kind of combines all that together and gives you a unique score that tells you if you should be going after that keyword or not.


So it’s definitely something that I want to try out in the future. I do not currently subscribe to Market Muse, but you guys can definitely count on me doing a review of the channel when I subscribe or try it out. But Market Muse also has a content optimizer. With Market Muse, you can optimize your content, and it’s already done for you.

So this one definitely came up with just research and so forth as a content optimization tool. So I threw that one in there as well. 


So we’ve got number five right here, RankIQ, and this one could probably be number four as well. So numbers four and five, as you’ll see on the list, are interchangeable, and so forth. But RankIQ, definitely. I’m not currently subscribed to it right now, but RankIQ is very unique, and in some respects, it’s kind of like Market Muse. It’s going to be easier to jump into and use. It’s very, very user-friendly. In fact, based on Robinize and RankIQ, I think that those two would probably be the easiest tools to use on this top-10 list.

But RankIQ is really cool. It starts at around $50 a month, and you get basically eight content briefs that you can fully optimize inside of the tool. Now the tool for optimization is not As advanced as some of the tools on this list, what Rank IQ offers is that it’s like a good enough SEO optimization tool, but then what it does even further than that is that, I mean, you’re going to have a lot of knowledge.

And the report that it pulls is, I believe, based on the top 30 search results, and it’s going to combine all the keywords and phrases that you need to use in your content. It’s going to to help you write your title better. It’s going to help you optimize your content. Super cool. But one of my favorite features of RankIQ is that it also gives you thousands, hundreds of thousands of keywords and breaks them all down into dozens and dozens of niches inside the tool.


So if you want to get started with niche blogging and you don’t know where to start or what topic to create your blog post on,  your blog website on Rank IQ is perfect for that. Because once you subscribe, you’ll be able to go and actually see all the different niches and categories that they have broken down for you.

And just that in itself is the price of admission: getting into RankIQ. And then, of course, to start writing, you’ll be able to, you know, get your eight topic reports per month, or no, I think you get 16 at the $50 mark. I apologize. I think you get 16 and then you can grow in.

And you can double that. So for like a hundred dollars a month, you get 32 reports. And then I think that they do have something like an enterprise plan for like $200 a month where you get like a hundred reports a month or something like that. So RI IQ is a tool that is affordable. It’s very easy to use and very user-friendly.

I’ll leave a link below for it if you want to check it out. And all you have to do is just type in “RankIQ Review” on YouTube, and you’ll see both my channels, Learn Wire and Teach Me, when new methods have full rank IQ reviews. And so if you want to dive deeper into this software, you can go check those ones out as well.


Alright, so we’ll keep cruising. So, number four, I’ve got PageOptimizerPro. I have not used this tool before. But this one definitely can—it comes up on several lists of top optimization tools. So this is something I’m probably going to have to try out for you guys. I’ll leave a comment below if you want me to try out your PageOptimizerPro for you guys and do a proper review.

PageOptimizer Pro

I’ll be glad to do that. But this one definitely, just because of how much it was suggested based on the research that I did, deserves to kind of be in those top five spots. I’m going to move past this one for now, and, you know, just to show you that I don’t have any biases in my reviews.


Despite the fact that this is my preferred tool, I’m not going to rank it first. This is what I use daily, and I’m going to show you that in just a second. But NeuronWriter will come back and talk about NeuronWriter. In a minute, but I have neuron writer at number three. I do think that’s better than all the tools previous.


However, it lacks the authority and reputation to dethrone the number one position. So I’m not going to, you know, Just put the tool that I’m using as number one. In this top 10, I’m trying to be unbiased and just based on what the market kind of shows.

And so,  number three at NeuronWriter, which I’ll show you in a minute, 

#2 – FRASE

So number two, I’ve got Frase, frase.io. This is just a powerhouse tool, and they have taken the market by storm. Because when we get to number one, you’ll know you won’t be surprised that that’s number one.

And they rightfully should have the number-one spot. But number two is Frase, in my opinion, for optimizing content. They have just offered so many different tools, and you cannot go wrong with Frase. I haven’t really been a Frase user. And I don’t even think I’ve done a Frase Review on the channel, although I know a lot of you have requested one. It is a paid tool.


So I just haven’t gotten around to using Frase or doing a review on it, but I definitely know that it’s up there and it gives number one right here a run for its money. 


Surfer SEO is definitely worth it. The number one spot and the best content optimization tool It is one of the pressies.

And a lot of times, that’s what happens, right? With AI content writers, Jasper would arguably be the number one. We’re not talking about chat GPT or anything like that. Just talking about the AI writers in the last two years, Jasper would definitely There, and as you know, they’re also one of the pressies, right?

So I think it’s one of the best. There is a correlation with pricing as well. The pricing’s going to be higher for those tools as well, and with good reason. In order to be the best, you have to spend a lot of money on our developers, our customer service teams, and the  tool itself.

To stay number one, and that’s why the price is more expensive. Also, when you have lifetime software deals, you don’t know what’s going to happen to them in the way that they should take off, right, like what phrase did. They started off on AppSumo as a lifetime deal, and everyone that got in on those deals, you know, that’s awesome.

I wasn’t able to pick one up. I began doing AppSumo reviews after Frase had left the platform. This was probably two or three years ago. But for those that got phrased, you know, you guys, this was a tool that ended up being one of the best. And now, people, they probably have thousands of monthly customers that are paying, and that’s exactly what you want right out of the gates.


If someone goes and does a lifetime deal, you want to eventually adopt the member’s monthly paid program so you can keep your tool alive. profitable and offer more to your customers. And you know, just like any business, you’re going to need that income coming in monthly. You know, you can’t just get all the money all at once and then never make any more sales again and always be chasing new customers in order to make money, right?

That business model is just not going to work. With that said, SurferSEO definitely is number one in software with all the different tools and all the integrations that they actually have with so many different software programs. They integrate with Jasper. You can write all your software and all your content in JasperAI, and then you can use Surfer to do the optimization.

They work hand in hand, and so forth. So that is my top-ten list. Like I said, you know, it’s not  all-inclusive. There are a lot of other optimizations. You know, I’m sorry if I didn’t include some that you think should have been on the top 10. But that’s just kind of what I came across.

I definitely feel very confident about 5. I’m pretty, pretty, pretty solid and confident in those. The other. The back five, you know, are up for grabs. But I definitely think that these should be the top optimization tools. And numbers three, two, and one I couldn’t be more confident about.

Those are just the best optimization tools on the market. Neuron writer. You could argue if it is or not, but for me personally, I think it is, and I can show you right now. I’m going to go out of this house. And this is a neuron writer right here. I’ll leave a link below. You can go and check it out as well.

But this is NeuroWriter, and they have literally only been on the market for like a year or less. And we can go up here and check their similar web traffic, and they are closing in on half a million visitors. A month. So that shows you that this is a complete, legit business, and they are growing and growing. As you can see right here, they’re not even on AppSu right now, and they’re just growing and growing and growing.

So I think that they definitely know what they’re doing. They definitely know what they’re talking about. I think that the user interface and everything—the combination of how much power you get out of the tool and the ease of use—make this my favorite. And of course, I got in at, like, tier three or tier five.

I get a hundred documents a month from NeuronWriters. So definitely my favorite optimization software. Yes, they do some AI writing. As well. If you need to finish up some writing here, I don’t recommend doing full articles inside because you’re not going to get the content plan that you want unless you sign.

If you had a monthly content plan with them, then you could write and do all your AI writing as well. But you can see it right here for the month, right? You would have to come in at, probably, you know, the $77 a month plan in order to get you. One hundred contentanalyses per month and then 60,000 credits

But I think that if you’re writing a hundred pieces of content, you’re probably going to use more than 60,000 credits anyway. And so you’re going to need assistance from another AI writer, which is the way I’ve always kind of looked at it. I’ve always kind of looked at it as They just don’t give quite as much of the AI credits that you need in order to satisfy the number of documents you’re going to be writing.

But here are the pricing plans: I do like that they give you a lot of different options. There are five options for where you need to come in. Just to get started, for $20 a month, you can get 25 content analyses, and this might be good enough for a lot of people that are getting started.

When you start hiring full-time writers or you’re using AI content to create all your articles, then you’re going to need to jump up to these bigger plans because you’re going to be creating content much, much faster. So I have a link below. You can go check out a neuron writer, and then just to show you that this is the tool I’m using,

I have a full-time virtual assistant right now working on a bunch of content that you can see right here. And we’re pulling. I’ve got a unique way of doing things. that we’re pulling really, really nice content scores. Look at these content scores right here. There was an 81 right there and an 85 content score right here, and these were just from a couple of days ago.

So a lot of this content is not indexed yet. I need to go through and manually index it and so forth, but we’ve got some really cool stuff going on, and you are using the tool. We come through here, and I’m going to go to the next, right here, and you can see just a look at the dates and all the scores.

We have an SOP that we follow in order to get these really crazy scores right here. And these are some of the keywords and so forth. So we’re doing some testing. Of course, I’ll share this on the channel when I start getting some results and so forth. But NeuronWriter is definitely the tool I use for content optimization.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. The top 10 AI software tools are: four: website optimization. Make sure to hit that “like” button. Make sure to subscribe to LearnWire and get more informational content like this. I’ll see you in the next video for more software reviews and tutorials.

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